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Room Parties

Room parties have become a considerable part of the furry convention experience over the years. It is an idea that was started by fans for fans - an opportunity to celebrate the fandom or organization of your choice, right in your hotel room.

Want to know if this can be your thing? We have a Room Party How-To Guide for you to peruse. It talks about what you may need for a party and things to do for a successful party.

We also have a Room Party Policy. It outlines the things you are responsible for as a Party Host. When you apply for a party room, you agree to the policies. If you are found not holding to those policies, actions could lead to the guest not being allowed back into the hotel and the room will be forfeited. Any payments paid to the hotel are non-refundable and any outstanding balances must be paid in full.


The Party Floor is located on the 4th floor. This provides three “party wings” with a total of about 45 rooms. The last wing of the 4th floor is the “party adjacent” wing, for people who like being near the parties but don’t plan to host.

Requesting the party wing

Please submit an application describing your party. We can move any reservation to the party floor if you plan to host. Party hosts get priority on the party floor, but anyone is welcome to request the party floor by selecting “party-adjacent” when reserving their room.

Requesting the party-adjacent wing

Please choose “party-adjacent floor request” when booking your room in Passkey. This wing is for people who are okay being near the parties and won’t file noise complaints. If you pick this room type, thank you! This wing is crucial for making the party wings work, because it helps isolate the party wings from the rest of the hotel. You may be moved to the party wing itself if it still needs to be filled.

Requesting a party wing suite

There is one suite at the end of each of the 3 party wings, about 1600 square feet in size. They cost about triple what a regular room does. If you want one of these suites, please submit an application describing your party, and indicate in your application you would like a suite. You will be contacted by Party Floor staff if you are selected to upgrade.

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If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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