BLFC: Curse of Coeurasa

Reno, NV | May 16-19, 2019


Open Meetings

Next Meeting will be held on February 22nd, 2019

Open meetings, usually held 6PM (Pacific time) on the third Friday each month at the GSR (the room varies), are designed for new people to interact with planning staff, make suggestions, and participate in discussions. Online participation is encouraged and appreciated via a YouTube Audio Stream. Minutes and agendas can be found here.

Meeting attendance is NOT a requirement to be part of Staff/Volunteer, though is encouraged to at least read the agendas to stay up to date with the convention.

Future Open Meetings

Volunteer Guidebook

Volunteer Guidebook Link


Recruits are unproven people we haven’t worked with yet. If we don’t know you yet, you will be a Recruit for at least a year while you prove your reliability. Most Recruits sign up at-con, but if you know you will volunteer, please apply now for a wider choice of hours.

When you sign up, we will build your schedule around the hours you’re willing to volunteer. If we run short on people outside your scheduled times, you may get a phone call or telegram message asking for help.

Sometimes, you may end up “idle,” waiting for assignment in the volunteer lounge. You’re welcome to socialize while waiting, and we’ll also try to have some entertainment options in the volunteer lounge.

Any hours volunteered on Wednesday or Monday count as 1.5x time.

Rewards - Recruit

4 Hours

8 Hours

12 Hours

Over 12 Hours

Rewards - Staff

Staff are people we know well enough to rely on. For Staff, the success of the convention comes first. Staff have previously proven commitment to their schedule. Staff committing to the 12+ hour level are called upon to help fill unexpected schedule shortfalls, to “do whatever it takes.”

Staff must apply and be approved before the con, must be known to be reliable, and are usually either people we’ve worked with before, or well-established staff members from other conventions.

Staff members don’t have to be leads (though leads do have to be staff).

4 Hours

8 Hours

12 Hours

16 Hours

20+ Hours

Hotel Reward

In order to receive this reward, you must ensure all of the following:

This reward applies to regular booked rooms, and does not apply to upgraded rooms, like suites. Suites will be handled separately in an equivalent manner (we’re still trying to figure out the best way to do that).

Prior Meetings

The archive of prior agendas is available here: (Google Drive Link)

September 2018: Volunteer-Level Rewards, Staff Rewards, All-Hands Meeting at-con, Staff Badges, New HR Leads, Lead Interviews.