BLFC: Curse of Coeurasa

Reno, NV | May 16-19, 2019

The Amans. A tribe of the Bisemutum. Hunters, miners, and lumberjacks, their work relies on obtaining food and materials from animals and the woods in the region.

Art by: Silent Ravyn

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The PCD blog

Monday, January 21st
Bata (BLFC Bear)
Website Updates

Hello, this is Bear, that is me, yes. We have been so busy with our theme that I forgot to let you all know that we have started releasing this year's theme story campaign in podcast form. If you would like to keep up with the silly antics of Dog (Mr. Arden Rensaw), Sergal (Therrin Perch), and I (Bata Amica), go have a listen. We are on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.
If you don't feel like listening, we will be condensing the story down to the main plot-line at a future time, so you won't miss out on anything.

This is the PCD blog, yes. This is being written after Further Confusion, it is a wonderful convention, we had a magnificent time, you all should go! Some say that you can't have "BLFC" without "FC". They don't say that? Well, I say that, so it is now true. If you managed to attend FC then you may have visited our party, we hope you enjoyed it, the mead was delicious. You may have also seen our badge flyers along with our Character Sheet flyers. These are for you to fill in so that you may be featured in our podcast at some point. I can't wait to see what friends may be in our adventure.

The back of the flyer featured our campaign characters cooking and enjoying a campfire together, must be relaxing to not have anything bad happen to us for a night. I think the drawing makes for a pretty wallpaper.

Until next time my friends.


*rolls many dice*

Tuesday, December 4
Connor (BLFC Bear)
Website Updates

Hello, it is I, Bear. I have talked to a cat and he has provided us with many an applications for volunteers and dealers. Afterwards I talked to a husky and he said that event applications are open too.

BLFC only happens with the help of all of you. While we know that this is a vacation, we ask for everyone to please consider participating to help make the convention even better! Panels and events help keep everyone entertained, you can get to share a hobby or skill with others and get to meet new people as well! If you are unsure where to begin, you can always attend an event that interests you or apply to volunteer for the convention directly. I remember the first panel I ever hosted: "How to scatch your back against a tree". I was a nervous wreck, but it thought me that public speaking can be fun and wonderful too!

We are getting really close to beginning the release of our story campaign for our "medival furry fantasty role playing table top game with dice"™ There's a little teaser image, Coeurasa is a moon of the world! Not sure why it's a curse though . . . we'll have to find out! Some of you may have seen our advertisement badges floating about at MFF that featured our heroes, we hope you enjoyed them! We are sure you will love the adventures that are coming up ahead.

ʕ • ₒ • ʔ

Website Launch: Welcome path finders

Wednesday, October 31
Connor (BLFC Bear)
Website Updates

Hello, it is I, Bear. It has been a while since I've gotten a chance to say 'Hello!', I hope that you all liked the musical that we put together last year. A lot of wonderful people worked hard to put it together. If you haven't checked out the music you can get it on Fox Amoore's website. I know we have a video recording of the stage play somewhere . . . when I'm done unpacking I'll let you all know.

This year we are putting together a new story in the style of table top role playing games. A campaign in a magical land under a moon named Coeurasa. It will have danger, love and hopefully many laughs. My name will be Connor and I'll be playing a Bear Barbarian (BarBEARian for short) named Bata! The adorable puppo is playing a "Mister" Arden Renshaw. Oh, and I guess the sergal and the yeen are there too. I'm still putting my costume together and our game master is busy with his quill, but we will have a special something for you to listen to soon.

New this year is the hotel room drawing system that we are trying out. We really don't like how quickly the hotel fills up in the mad rush, and we really can't build another hotel nearby. I believe that if we split the hotel booking into a few groups everyone will have a better chance and a better time when it comes to booking. In brief, here's how it works: You sign up for the drawing in the first group. If you get a room, now you can offer to share it with your friends, and then they don't have to try to get a room in a later drawing. If you don't get a room, maybe you can find some friends who did, or you can try again in the follow-up drawings, which should now have less people in them. We are hoping that this will help people in the long run, even though it is a little more work and effort. Please read more about this process in the Hotel Page

ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ There are . . . a few sections of the website unavailable at this time. Some sections will not be available until we are closer to the convention, such as the "Program", "Con Book", and "Pocket Program Download" sections. Other sections are being rushed right now to get them to you as quickly as possible. We are currently running the information on the pages with the appropriate leads to ensure that we have the correct information. Links to community BLFC photo galleries and links to the fursuit group photos will be added in a future update.

What else is on the agenda . . . I'm still going through all the feedback from 2018! It does look like we have a lot of work ahead of us, but hopefully we can tackle it and do better in 2019.

I'm not the only one still putting my costume together, there are still a lot of little decorations that I plan to add to the website. It has been a while since I've worked on this, so be sure to leave me feedback about the website via Twitter, or Email ( Thanks everyone!