BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | October 29 - November 1, 2020


Header Location Location

Our Dealer's Den has 41,364 square feet of space. Located in the Silver State Pavilion on the Spa Level of the GSR.
During operating hours, the Dealer's Den hosts a central community hang-out fun zone and is very inviting for business.
The Dealer's Den hosts over 100 Dealers, Black Market Dealers, Bazaar Vendors

Header Hours Hours

Sale Hours
Friday Noon - 6PM
Saturday 11AM - 6PM
Sunday 11AM - 5PM
Setup Hours
Thursday 4PM - 9PM
Friday 8AM - NOON
Saturday 10AM - 11AM
Sunday 10AM - 11AM
Checkout & Teardown
5PM - 8PM

Header Line Management Line Management

New this year, we are preparing a line management solution for the dealers den opening day. Our goal is to keep you from waiting in line for several hours while maintaining a constant flow of attendees into the vendor space.

A ticket system.

We know that this might not be the best solution, and there will be problems we have yet to see, but we ask that you bear with us as we test and try out this system.

Entry Times

Friday Time Ticket Range
12:00 PM1 – 250 (white tickets)
12:15 PM251 - 500 (white tickets)
12:30 PM501 - 750 (white tickets)
12:45 PM751 - 1000 (white tickets)
1:00 PM1001 - 1250 (white tickets)
1:15 PM1251 - 1500 (white tickets)
1:30 PM1501 to end of white tickets
1 – 250 (red tickets)
1:45 PM251 - 500 (red tickets)
2:00 PM501 - 750 (red tickets)
2:15 PM751 - 1000 (red tickets)
2:30 PM1001 - 1250 (red tickets)
2:45 PM1251 - 1500 (red tickets)
3:00 PM1501 - 1750 (red tickets)
3:15 PM1751 - 2000 (red tickets)
3:30 PM1 – 250 (blue tickets)
3:45 PM251 - 500 (blue tickets)
4:00 PM501 - 750 (blue tickets)
4:15 PM751 - 1000 (blue tickets)
4:30 PM1001 - 1250 (blue tickets)
4:45 PM1251 - 1500 (blue tickets)
5:00 PM1501 - 1750 (blue tickets)
5:15 PM1751+ (blue tickets and ticketless entry)
SaturdayNo ticket required
SundayNo ticket required


When and Where can I get a ticket? You can get a ticket at the entrance to the Dealers Den starting at 8:30AM.
Can I get a second ticket? No.
What happens if I lose my ticket? You will only get one ticket, cherish it, keep it safe and guard it just as much as you would guard your spot in line.
I really must get a second ticket. Attendees who receive a ticket will get their badges marked as such. If you must get a second ticket, you must buy a second badge from registration.
Sponsor/Patrons/Epic? Sponsors and Patrons will get the beginning set of tickets which will grant them entry first.
I have a disability. We do still require you to grab a ticket, but you will be first in line on whatever entry line you wish to be a part of. If you need an assistant, they are allowed to enter with you.
Can me and my friend get in on one ticket? No, ticket management is people management. We need to be able to have an adequate expectation of how many people will be in the vendor hall at any given time.
Can I pick up tickets for my friends? Yes, you can pick up tickets for those sleepyheads but you must have their badge in your posession.
I missed my entry group, can I get in now? If you fail to enter with your designated group, you can enter with the next available group.
Can I get in with an earlier group? No, the point of the system is to prevent people from forming lines. If we allowed entry with earlier groups that would cause a new line to begin.
Can I come back inside after leaving the vendor hall? Friday Only. If exiting during peak hours, you will be given a new ticket and will be asked to wait for your new entry line. We do ask that you have all your stuff ready before entering the vendor hall. Don’t forget your sketchbooks, references, wallet, and whatever else you may need. There will be exceptions to this rule, but they will be reserved for emergency scenarios.
Ticketless entry? Ticketed entry will end after peak hours are over. We expect peak hours to die down on Friday around 3 PM to 5 PM. There is no ticket required for Saturday or Sunday.
Do I only get to enter the dealers den once the entire weekend? No, the ticketed entry is only for Friday.
Bathroom? There are bathrooms in the dealer's den, the entrance to them is located in the Bazaar room.
I have to wait in two lines? The ticket line should be fairly quick, as we are just giving out a ticket and explaining instructions. The second line should not require much waiting on your part, as you will have a designated entry time.
Do Dealers/Dealer Assistants need to wait in line? No.
Why you do this? There are pressing issues with lines of our length being formed outside the dealer’s den. The fire department does not like having large groups of people waiting in line, this can cause potential blocking of traffic in hallways and fire exits. They raised concerns about the health of people waiting in line for up to 5 hours, people get tired, need water, etc. GSR businesses have also stated that the line impacts their business as well, with people congregating and blocking their entrances, despite our efforts to have people not block their businesses. Additonally it makes their businesses look busy when they really are not.

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