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Save time in the registration office and get yourself through the line sooner. Pre-registration lets you pick your favorite badge, input your information in the comfort of your home, pay ahead of time, and guarantees that we will order Patron/Sponsor gifts for you!

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Why pre-register?



Attendee - $80

This is our cheapest and most basic registration level, but it has a lot to offer! In addition to being able to attend BLFC’s convention spaces and events, you get:

Our Sponsor level gives you everything listed above, plus:

Patron - $225

Our Patron level gives you everything that Attendee and Sponsor gives you, plus:

Epic - $375

Our Epic level is for those people who want all the things, and gives you everything above, plus:


Sponsor and higher registrations will be available until August 15th, or until sold out; you cannot upgrade at-con. You will still be welcome to buy Patron and Sponsor swag from the con store if there is any left. Pre-registering as Patron/Sponsor reserves the swag just for you, and you’ll pay less than in the convention store. It also gets you the other benefits like a chance at free registration for next year, and early badge pickup.

To guarantee swag, you must pick up your badge and swag by 11PM on Tuesday. After that time, you will be downgraded to a Wednesday-Thursday or Thursday-only badge and refunded the difference. Some of the swag may still be available for direct purchase in the con store on Wednesday and Thursday. (This actually works out cheaper for you as well.)

Swag items will be updated and displayed here as the team decides on them.


These hours and locations may change before the con happens. Make sure to check this page again shortly before the con. After-hours registration will be available; instructions will be posted on the registration window.

Nevada N11 is near the elevators on the Spa level by the escalators.

Day Hours Location
(Sponsor and higher only)
7PM - 10PM Nevada Room
Monday 12PM - 12AM Nevada Room
Tuesday 9AM - 11PM Nevada N11
Wednesday 10AM - 8PM Nevada N11
Thursday 11AM - 3PM Nevada N11

At-Con Pricing

One-day badges are not available. Instead, the whole-convention price goes down on Wednesday and Thursday.

Patron and Sponsor badges are not offered at-con.

Monday-Thursday $80
Tuesday-Thursday $80
Wednesday-Thursday $60
Thursday $30

Boring legal stuff

No part of your registration is tax-deductible, not even upgraded memberships. BLFC reserves the right to revoke your registration without a refund (generally only if you violate the Code of Conduct).

By registering, you also agree to be responsible for bids you make in any auctions, such as Art Gallery and the charity auction.


I’m under 18. What do I need to attend?

If you’re 16 or 17 years old …

If you’re 15 or under …

How do I make at-con registration go faster?

Pre-registration is the best way to make registration faster for everyone. If you must register the day of the con, please still register and pay online before you get in line to make the process as fast as possible. If you have only cash, register online first, and pay cash when you reach the registration desk.

Can I pick badge art at-con?

Yes, but selection may be diminished. The only way to guarantee the full selection of badge artwork is to pick your favorite before September 10th. Always pick your favorite badge art from the available options when in registration; you can continue to change your selection up until the day of the convention.

How can I confirm I’m registered?

Paid registrations are sent a confirmation email, but spam filters can be hungry beasts. To check manually, log in to registration and look for the “paid” indicator.

Will there be one-day registration?

There are no one-day badges. Instead, the badge price is reduced on Wednesday and Thursday.

Can I pick up badges for my friends?

No. Everyone must show a photo ID for their own badges.

What is an acceptable ID?

Any government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport). Most photo IDs have a barcode on the back which we scan; we do not store any of this data and only use it to speed up account look-up and speed up the line.

Can I get a refund?

You can request a refund until we close pre-registration. After that, if you don’t make it to the convention, we will refund your unclaimed registration within 4 weeks.

What if I can’t make it?

Unclaimed registrations no longer roll over and are always refunded, usually 2-4 weeks after the con. If you still want the swag, you are welcome to use your refund to buy swag items from the online con store.

How can I upgrade my registration tier?

You can upgrade by logging in to registration, picking the higher tier and paying the difference, as long as stock of those tiers remains available.

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If you have any additional questions or would like clarification, please feel free to contact us.

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