Thank you to all who attended BLFC 2022 as well as the volunteers and staff who made it happen.
We hope that you had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you next year!

Party Floor Application

Room Party Policy

Party Mavens has an office near the head of the hallways for questions and assistance. This office will be open from 7PM to 2AM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. It also functions as a Chill Out room for those who may need a break from all the action.

All room parties must register with BLFC Party Mavens and have a pre-existing reservation at the hotel. The party organizers are responsible for providing a confirmation number for the reservation before the deadline. Any party that does not provide this information may lose their party room space at the convention. Parties can be open-invite or private.

A party may promote their event with age appropriate materials. Flyers may be posted only inside convention space, and only if approved by event staff and blue painter’s tape is used. The room party host(s) will honor any restriction of promotion material made by the hotel. If any promotional material is found to be questionable, offensive, or inappropriate to a staff member or attendee, the materials may be removed by staff at any time.

No Sales

Any party that uses the space for promotion of an organization, convention, or event, may do so within hotel policies. Tips/donations may be accepted; any tip/donation jars must be clearly marked for good service. However, any specific tip/donation amount that exchanges for a piece of merchandise, earns bonuses, or earns special treatment is considered a sale and is prohibited. Yes, this means NO SALES are conducted on this floor.

Noise and Party Hours

By participating with a room party, you agree to cope with the noise generated on the floor, and not make any noise complaint to the hotel. This also means you are responsible for your own noise. Subwoofers are not allowed. You should be able to talk in your room without yelling. If you have to yell, your room is getting too loud. The sound level has a max range of 90 decibels, but this can be lowered at any time if requests come in. If the Party Mavens, hotel security or FLARE tells you to tone it down, do so immediately.

Don’t start a howl. Yelling and screaming is the quickest way to noise complaints. Save that for inside the convention hangout space. If you believe a neighboring room party is getting loud you can contact the Party Mavens and they can investigate it and warn if necessary.

The Party Maven office will be open to support you between the hours of 7PM and 2AM on Thursday through Saturday. You may host outside these hours and days; there is no hard stop or “last call” at 2AM. Please start to quiet down at midnight and also observe official quiet hours of 3AM to 9AM.

IDs, Drinking, and Adulting

Any parties serving alcohol must check IDs at the door, accepting only government (state and federal) issued IDs and are subject to local laws and restrictions. For the convenience of the hosts and staff, use of unique identifying markers such as wristbands and hand stamps may be used with approval of Party Mavens. However, any BLFC staff, FLARE, and Room Party hosts may check any IDs at any time regardless of approved identifiers. Keep in mind to not over-serve anyone and use your best judgment when serving alcohol. If someone looks excessively drunk, STOP. Do not give them more alcohol; give them water or a non-alcoholic drink instead, and contact a Party Maven for help.

Everyone on the Party Floor is required to have a current-year BLFC badge; do not admit anyone to your party without one. Please report anyone without a con badge to FLARE or Party Mavens. A party host should contact the Party Mavens, convention operations, and/or FLARE if anyone is causing a disturbance.

Hotel and convention operations reserve the right to shut down any party that causes disturbance to other guests and attendees or violates the Room Party Policy.

This is your room, so you are responsible for any damages. Don’t let your gatherings get out of hand.

Make a good impression: If you see any mess in the hall, clean it up, even if the mess isn’t your fault. If you cannot take care of it yourself, contact Party Mavens.

Any devices such as fog machines or that use open flame are strictly prohibited. If you are using a device that you are unsure about in any way, please email Party Mavens.

Biggest Little Fur Con, Reno Area Anthropomorphic Arts and Recreation, its staff, and affiliates assume no responsibility for room parties; attendees and guests who violate hotel, local, state, and/or federal policies and ordinances do so at their own risk. Hosts of room parties accept full responsibility for any damages or loss related to their party and the hotel room including but not limited to fees for cleaning, property damage, and room resets.

NOTE: Hotel policy states that anyone serving a minor or not checking IDs will be reported to Reno Police and subject to legal ramifications. The guest will not be allowed back into the hotel and the room will be forfeited. Any payments paid to the hotel are non-refundable and any outstanding balances must be paid in full. Furthermore, any attendee violating the hotel’s alcohol policy will be banned from BLFC.


If you are hosting a party and have read and understood the policy above, please use the application below to tell us about your party plans!

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