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A sergal, a bear, and a magical puppo stumble into each other at a bar. Therrin Perch is “missing” from her home but has no intentions of going back, wanting a life of adventure and excitement away from her strict family business. Bata Amica comes from a secluded land and seeks to learn more about the world beyond his homeland. Arden Renshaw is a student from the Order on a quest to rediscover lost scriptures regarding the spires that cover the land. They stick together out of ineptitude, necessity and endearment, but such a troublesome friendship is likely to not last, right? Follow the adventures of Therrin, Bata, and Mr. Renshaw on their tabletop role-playing campaign as they discover the Curse of Coeurasa!

Music by: Fox Amoore

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Curse of Coeurasa 2023

Ep 23: Welcome to the Family

Published: Sep 30th, 2023

In pushing against Mr. Moonsea Ardena, Zaus, and Sam discover a method of saving the rat and puppo recently iced over a chamber before. In much need of rest, a couple reunions, and the shock of witnessing a spire reawaken the group sits breathing before tackling what they will do now that the Tear has been returned.

Bata, raging like they had never before sending cracks through the constructs between them and the dragon while Arden battles with Mr. Moonsea trading barbs as they grasp for control over the spire spawn. "I can still piss off the boss and save my child too", Arden. Sam and Therrin survey the battlefield looking for key enemies and objects throughout asking Olain what they should do next before running forward and breaking into song to invigorate their bruised fellows. Moonsea sets to biting at Arden and Zaus's spirits draining away their force of personality, all that makes they two them. Roaring out into the chamber the primal dragon instills fear in Therrin and Bata moves in closer taking a hefty blow to the draconic mass. "I will attempt to ride the zipline to danger town", Arden. Manipulating their spectral body Moonsea fires their tongue like a tree frog onto Arden's leg pulling the adventurer in despite their efforts to escape. Olain exits the chamber as Therrin does joining in their expletives having also fallen to the aura of fear the primal dragon gives off. Sam hears a familiar song, they recall back from the riverboat so long ago, and they ponder on it. Therin attempts to re-enter the dragon's chamber finding themselves to shaken to breach the threshold and in turning away see their moth's body had disintegrated away while the party had been focused elsewhere. Sam counters Mr. Moonsea's song of the spire with their own taking control of the inky mass and what it could become with some guidance. Dragging themselves grabbing onto open air as if it possessed mass Mr. Moonsea bites at Arden tearing more of the Puppo's sense of self. Bata throws their might against the dragon unexpectedly sending the same vibrations through Sam's vocal cords surprising the courier though he manages to just hold onto his place in the song despite stumbling. "Enjoy the music", Arden shouts down to Moonsea as Arden and Zaus successfully escape into the forming primal dragon also sounding out what they told Moonsea. Bata looking up to hear the dragon's first words, angry and confused Bata sees Arden's face pop out of the dragon's head. Therrin jets back into the chamber as soon as she pushes the fear off also realizing they might drop as soon as their body exerts itself a hair further driving their blade into dragon Arden collapsing with a tinge of regret as Arden speaks back critiquing her actions. Sam leans into the sense that they are the composer facilitating the transfer of control over the inky mass to Arden and Zaus while Moonsea claws their way into the dragon attempting to reassert control. Musical notes and banners of streaming code glitch and warp in open space as control over the primal dragon is contested. Bata rushes to the nearest crystal pillar wrought with angy emotions but unable to bring themselves to hurt something that looks like Arden. Zaus attempts to be a hero with a drop kick to Mr. Moonsea driving the umbra to the edge of the ethereal space encouraged by Sam's tune. Olain rushes in and using their body to sow Therrin together keeps her from bleeding out onto the spire stone floor. Bata continues to desire to pound their hammer into the ground feeling their energy failing them they instead bottle their rage and drink their final potion of restorative juices. With Mr. Moonsea distracted by Zaus taking to whipping the elder umbra's final lifeline to the dragon like they were a bug on a carpet and in that moment, Arden uses what remains of their will to send Moonsea careening into the great beyond. Elated that Moonsea was dealt with for the moment Sam stabilizes the inky black body guiding the spire to shape the body and Olain notes that the mass is what they are made of. Placing the Dragon's Tear back into its receptacle and Bata comes out of their layers of rage now needing to come to grips with the Cronenberg dragon possessing both Zaus's and Arden's faces. "Network Lockdown", echoes through the chamber beckoned by Olain's silent command. Arden uses the experience of sectioning off Moonsea to carve out a section of the mass for Zaus to possess independently with Sam's music providing stabilization under great strain to his vocal cords. Arden guides Zaus into creating their own new body, taller and more muscular than before, perhaps based on how they saw themselves or if they had more nutrition earlier perhaps. Shifting to a soft soothing lullaby Sam's vocal cords thank them with the stress of the song now focused on one rather than two facilitating Arden's reincarnation. Arden attempts removing the scars from their former life and improve his eyesight correcting his vision; their scars are physically removed but the scars still exist in their spiritual self and their vision greatly improves beyond five feet (where they without their spectacles as it had been before). Olain sweeps up the puppo magi and Zaus in their arms happy they both had eventually survived the encounter with Mr. Moonsea and Donique Perch. Arden encourages them to discover themselves, that following the return of the Dragon's Tear they did not evaporate, and they get to assert themselves as a person now. Sam lays down next to Therrin and with a soft tune instills them with vitality awakening them from their unconscious state just in time to witness the spire awaken firing a beam of transparent energy towards Coeurasa. Moonsea is dubbed Munsei accidentally and remembered as a way to aggravate the villain. "I suppose I was wrong Sam, I could come back", Arden. Olain reveals that Arden and Zaus are now among the Umbra operating in the cross being tracked by the spire networks a real welcome to the family from Olain with all the associated baggage that comes with it. A second burst of force emits from the spire sending structures atop the spire skyward, sundered by the sudden change in gravity, and the people of Roqueport floating along all around while the Spire regained its full functionality. "I've never been dead before", observes Therrin.

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Ep 22: Arden on Ice

Published: Sep 26th, 2023

Arden’s special skill is to encourage rage and then have it directed at them… even in death.

The beaten down party in states of neigh death and chuckle at the idea of a lingering threat beyond the large door before them. Sam grapples with the 5 stages of grief, delusion, and content with their stockpile of healing potions - with a renewed energy in their breast their time has come.

Upon entering the final chamber the party is greeted by scrolling text made of light and a black mass bubbling within a great well. The muck takes on the shape of an ancient feral dragon, something that Moonsea could control from afar, something that could wipe out Arden's friends. Golems likely recently spawned from the spire stone walls march forward at Moonsea's direction. Spectral Zaus charges the dragon getting caught in and absorbed into the inky mass. Additional constructs join the fray: warriors and mages by their carved appearances. Arden confronts Moonsea through the umbra's connection to the goopy mass. Bata ponders using his rage and a rage enhancing beverage to square their rage. Old order mage Mc Jenkins possesses a warrior construct and swings their mighty great sword like they had never before missing their targets. The constructs charge and Therrin catches a critical hit by blade end and the crystalline mages emit lighting and ice from their palms and staffs disrupting party formation and strategy. A race against the clock as the constructs get in the way of the party advancement as they look to restore the dragon's tear to its resting place below the inky blob. With a big gulp Bata entered a state of rage, the bearbarian strolls over and with a mighty swing of his magical hammer bonks a warrior construct sending crack streaming throughout its body. In confronting Moonsea Arden charges its spirit and Mr. Moonsea's stomach opens into a gapping sea of teeth and Arden dives in falling deeper the puppo see two souls. Moonsea slapping about Zaus dismissively while the umbra seemiongly focuses on more pressing matters, Arden addresses Moonsea with a fury, and sends Zaus words of encouragement. Striking at break-points Therrin and Sam set to work breaking through the constructs as they advance sending shards of crystal flying all about. Jenkins swings wildly like a spinning top find purchase in an opponent breaking another construct in half. The mages send more lightning towards Therrin, Sam, and Olain to greater effect than before releasing a blast of force Bata's way rustling his matted fur. With their blunt force weapons Olain and Bata break their opponents into bits while Therrin and Sam follow suit with the simple strategy of hitting them harder than before. Arden pushes through force of will to throw Moonsea out of their connection to the inky mass but is overwhelmed as the umbra prepares to swallow both Zaus and Arden. Indignant Arden threatens the elder umbra provoking laughter from Mr. Moonsea. With the tempo of Sam's song the party resists the dragons imposing roar steeling their hearts against a primal fear awakening in their chests. Bata pushes forward empowered by rage and rage water smashing through statue one by one. Arden continues to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of progress Moonsea has set into motion. As a statue halts Bata's hammer with its paws Therrin slides in stabbing at the creature's armpit finding a critical point shattering the enemy across the floor. Encouraged Sam plunges their spear into the statue before them despite low rolls they get their licks in, as does Olain all three to the sounds of shattered crystal. As the dragon takes its form fully the remaining statues take up a defensive wall around the emergent threat.

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Ep 21: Still Hearts

Published: Sep 24th, 2023

Combat comes to a close and the party stock of their dire situation. Arden and Bata have a moment to say what could be goodbye and Sam makes busy grabbing all the shiny loot.

Therrin, having observed her mother melting into the wall of the spire and leaving behind a lookalike ponders. Bata also takes stock of Zaus and Arden frozen in place and Sam breathing peacefully on the spire stone floor. Olain promises to help Therrin use the spire to locate her mother if they can get the dragon's tear back into its proper place combat now having resolved for the moment. Arden feeling their time may be up attempts to speak to the party through bata's whisper stone drawing the bear to Arden's frozen body. Beaten, tired, and somber Bata kneels attempting to reach out to Arden feeling the puppo's spectral touch on the bear's cheek. Touching the whisper stone Arden materializes in a shifting ghastly silhouette of their former self for bata's eyes only. The two exchange what could be their final words together, bearing their souls to one another. Sam alerts Therrin to their back glowing after she helps Sam up and she finds the tear brilliantly emitting sickly joyous light. Within they can see dancing bodies multiplying as they dance, bringing the chant from before to Therrin's mind. Olain anxiously encourages their friends to hurry up anxiety seeping into their mind as the silhouettes continue too multiple. Bata mourns for Arden and that their connection to their whisper stone being made by their favorite puppo departing them for the great beyond. Bata had been searching for the connection for so long and being made like this, in this place, with Arden leaving him almost crushed him entirely. "I wanted us to be a family together, even Therrin" - Arden Meanwhile Sam rounds up what loot they could find, discovering many potions and oils mostly labeled as if to ease Olain's anxiousness giving the delay purpose beyond mournful goodbyes. Bata gets a request to get close to Therrin and upon touching her Arden appears to her confusing her entirely. While they get caught up Sam tries to thaw out Arden'd pupcicle body not realizing Arden is no longer alive. Rushing over Bata gets Arden to talk to Sam whom quickly becomes bewildered and determined like Therrin, to save their friend. Arden pushes the malevolent presence from the tear with a great exertion of their will. The presence focuses its efforts in the next chamber, a gathering storm on the party's horizon. "Ehhyy, Therrin, you're sparkling" - Sam to Therrin "Well your frozen in a block of ice so let someone else try for a change" - Sam to Ghostly Arden over saving their life

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Ep 20: Hollowed Halls

Published: Sep 22nd, 2023

The party battles Dominque and her allies from the Order of Magi and Knights of Atlas ultimately defeating the industry magnate at the pinnacle of the spire just before what could be the control center. The uneasy moment of peace comes with a bitter cost as the party is not yet sure if Zaus or Arden survived the frozen magics of the Order Magi.

Olain and Zaus take up the front as the Knights of Atlas approach and a toxic cloud materializes threatening the duo as the gas moves in. An Order mage transports themselves across the field taking up position beyond the dispelling and ice walls respectively to get a good position surveying the party. Arden sees an opportunity then drawing near to his own dispelling screen eyeing the discerning teleporting mage having taken to leering over the party with their glowing magical paws. Sam rushes the mage holding onto their illusion of Arden, the order mage dodges away from the bard to safety. Olain takes a circumstantial 69 damage and Therrin feels their connection to their goopy friend disrupted by the knight's weapons. Arden engages the Order mage of glowing paws in the vigorous spell battle severely draining the mage of their magic prompting the magi to hurl a burst of life chilling cold catching the party fugitively flat-footed creating both a pup and ratcicle pushing their souls from their bodies. In their spectral selves Arden and Zaus feel the pull of the dragon's tear holding them here in the spire and circumstantially the afterlife. Therrin propped up against a wall between clean air and the doom cloud eyes Zaus and rushes to attempt to scoop up the frozen rat-kin but is unable to separate him from the floor. Running further from Zaus to the entry way Therrin threatens to smash the Dragon's Tear if Donique does not stop prompting a harsh empathic blast of feedback from Olain that they would not under any circumstance harm the Tear deflating Therrin's resolve. Zaus charges through the dispelling wall announcing their discovery to Arden who is matter of factly confirming what he sees as an obvious result ultimately encouraging (if unintentionally) Zaus to continue their experiments. The mage with the scary magic paws point-blanks Sam and Bata with a burst of hot fire disappointed the two have survived thus far. Bata rages and swings on the mage with all his fury nearly punting the mage with his mighty hammer, bonking the mage into unconsciousness. Arden charges into a knight with their ghost body attempting to possess the person discovering the "knight" was a spirit piloting the suit of armor now controlled by Arden. "This isn't what I expected" - Arden after gaining control of a knight with their spirit. Given the chance Arden sets themself to damaging the knight's armor creating a buildup strain that could break the construct. The loose spirit zooms itself in Zaus's direction. Therrin scales the wall of the room hurling themselves over the ice wall towards their mother and near Olain standing before a second mage (this one conscious). Observing Arden's frozen body Sam has difficulty ascertaining Arden's living status and Olain puts the remaining mage to bed (knocks them out). Zaus whom is now floating attempts to tumble around the knightly spirit who kicks and slaps at them catching Zaus in between their movements. A final magus throws up a wall of ice at the entrance while the doom cloud crawls over Zaus's frozen body, fortunately protected by the encapsulating ice. Doninique, keeping a good eye on Therrin through the ice wall, continues to drink potions as they prepare for their servants to fall. Bata confronts the final knight and throws all their strength into their wrathful swings denting the armored knight. When Bata hits the knight their whisper stone feels as though the malicious presence from earlier is within the spire and near. Arden continues to keep the original suit pilot spirit out buoying the spirit back and forth between Arden and Zaus. Therrin approaches the knight Arden has possessed and assists Arden by attacking the construct and Arden warns Therrin to move away as the suit grows much closer to overloading. Zaus zooms away from the mage while the Order Mage is back stabbed by Dominque, no sooner than the mage hits the floor does Dominque run their cape over the mage transmuting his body into naught but dust. Sam drops after the remaining knight catches him unprepared and bata stands over him batting away the knight and protecting Sam while their rage continues. Arden now ready to self-destruct charges towards the other knight and encourages the spirit of the betrayed magi to fight Therrin's mom. Therrin meanwhile loots the downed opponents for shiny loot gaining a magical ring in the process. Olain punches at the wall currently separating the party from Dominque with exaggerated swings surprising the older Sergal looking into a window of her younger self through the ice, a younger her next to Therrin shattering through the barrier one inch of ice with each powerful swing of their arms. Zaus encourages the betrayed mage to follow them through the door Dominique closed earlier, announcing there is a lot of stuff in there. With the threat of the doom cloud nearing Sam's unconscious Bata takes a swig of a potion, tries to let the knight know the party was here to return the tear which the knight is directly attempting to prevent unbeknownst to bata. Arden uses the nearly exploding body to drag Sam into the dispelling screen saving their friend as the cloud billows away repelled by the magic eating wall. Therrin assists Olain by striking the ice wall in key points with her rapier causing fractures and cracks in the ice making the wall easier for Olain to plow through. The knight informs Bata the return of the Tear was never intended to succeed as they strike at Bata who on their knees down to a single point of vitality in a display to convince the construct to side with them realizes that they are not dealing with a friend and casts a spell entangling roots spell to ensnare the hostile knight. Bata scampers towards Zaus's body. With a final request given Arden asks Bata to take care of Sam and the mage self-destructs causing the other construct to explode wiping out some of the doom cloud with their arcane fire. Therrin pleads with her mother to stop the fight; she only wants to undo her mistake followed by Olain demanding the ice wall be dropped. Donique exclaims that she had been defeated by her daughter as a downed mage takes on her appearance and the party observes a moment of uneasy peace. "So you heal magically but have no medical skill and cast spells but have no magical knowledge" - Arden's musings about Sam

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Ep 19: Without Your Poison

Published: Sep 20th, 2023

Olain guides their friends through the spire connecting with the Dragon’s Tear to fill in the information they lack and through that connection an elder umbra strikes at Olain and Therrin through their mutual connection. Surrounded by their chosen family, their friends set to work breaking the connection and they proceed deeper in pondering on the visions they saw and talk their way past the guards stationed inside until Perch stands in their way once more.

Realizing the spire had been harvested for industry drove a fury in Bata's heart learning why they were able to enter the spire at such an uncustomary point. Griff pushes the cart out of the carved-out spire sending it careening into the Roqueport Dump, wishing the party well, and leapt from the great height of the spire to the city below leaving them to their quest. Olain absorbs the Dragon's Tear dulling their sense of self and guides the party through the carved-out pathways of the spire utilizing their connection to the tear to fill in the information they lack. Olain seems to have trouble remembering the faces of their companions initially after beginning their direct connection to the tear. Sam keeps a grasp on Zaus while they travel to ensure the rogue does not stray far from the group. Bata gets to see the extent of the excavation, thousands of greedy irregular cuts, and the echoes of their passing mixing with the sounds of the city bouncing off the hallowed cavern walls. Therrin becomes aware of a sinister presence entering Olain's mind through their empathic connection. Small azure shaded spectral figures appear dancing singing "The Moon Will See" centered on Therrin - no one else seems to notice their presence. The longer they dance the more solid they seem to become to Therrin and song building in presence over senses until they felt as though they could take Therrin's mind the way their mother attempted earlier through the enchanted dagger. With determination Therrin rallies the party to remove the dragon's tear from Olain to break the connection that this sinister presence has over their friend. Feeling responsible for Olain's adventure into personhood Arden tries to draw them back to themself, to recenter on whom they are while the sinister presence takes hold. As this happens Bata's whisper stone resonates creating a similar dancing blue figure with the same song and dance Therrin saw earlier. They break the connection by cutting the stone out of Olain diminishing the Umbra to a puddle on the ground and an amused cackle echoes from the tear into the chamber quieting as the influence fades. Olain comes to reforming and confirms the presence was an elder umbra and that the party is near their destination. Utilizing Olain's current appearance of Dominque Perch nobel of Roqueport the party attempts to get by a group of trained elite Roqueport Guards rather successfully with a short back and forth afterwards between the guards and Arden going something like: Guards: "You look familiar, are you a famous wizard?" - to Mr. Renshaw Arden: "I will be a more famous wizard if you do not so as you are told." Guards: "Yes SIR!" As the party approaches the inner chambers, they meet two order magi marked for the same order branch as Meunice and a few heavily armed guards adorned with obviously magical equipment, likely making them Knights of Atlas. Confronted with her mother, Therrin and Olain freeze taking a moment to speak to the elder Perch before the guards are ordered to seize the intruders. Sam opts to encourage his allies with a rock inspired power ballade giving them additional strength as they battle Domique Perch at the peak of the Roqueport Spire. The party makes quick work of the entry level guards now realizing they had been tricked, the Order mages prep their defensive magics and the Knights of Atlas take up position controlling the party's options for mobility warping the battlefield with walls of ice and fields of magical energy flowing through the chamber semi visible auroras with unknown qualities to contend with. Therrin and Olain square up together working like a well-oiled machine bonking down what entry level guards linger before sending them down the stairs with their friends, a package deal. Sam takes cover and makes a convincing illusionary copy of Arden giving their opponents more than one target to focus on and so the battle then truly began.

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Ep 18: Maximum Stealth

Published: Sep 18th, 2023

With all the caution and stealth they can muster the party heads to the Crown of Roqueport with Griff aiding them through the gates before depositing them “safely” within the underbelly of the port’s spire.

Arden fights the weight of the conscious and the might of bed gravity with Bata's council getting ready for the day unaware of the imminent mission at hand. The party reconvenes laying out their next steps in the limited time they have left beginning to come to terms with the danger of Roqueport, the dueling families, and especially being under the direct gaze of Dominque Perch. Life is a precious thing, fragile, and beautiful. Pattosh greets the party with gifts for Arden all of which raise the wanted mage's concerns as well intentioned as they might be coming from a fellow rogue mage. The gifts being scrolls of magic for Arden to learn and use, Pattosh being far more hospitable than their sibling offers the party information before the mission begins. Utilizing a hunting caravan, the party loads up to get past the guardian Crown of Roqueport. After considering hiding under the hunter's quarry, they are assured they can simply hide within the caravan and need not utilize the product as camouflage much to their relief. Arden uses this travel time to prepare their spells shortly after claiming a wall mounted workstation in the caravan, Sam catches and retrieves Zaus from the bottom of the wagon, and Therrin paces about the taking in their surroundings ponderous. No longer in the thick of combat, naps, and riveting conversation Therrin and Bata really feel the soreness of their bones and muscles drive at their thoughts. When inspections occur at the gates despite the best efforts of the caravan and the driver breaks for it ramming their cart through the checkpoint. With a lift from Pattosh the cart magically gains flight just before it would have gone careening over the edge of city streets guided by Griff to a mined-out entrance on the underbelly of the spire.

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Ep 17: Introspection and Interrogation

Published: Sep 16th, 2023

Inside their premium studio apartment the party rests, bakes cakes, and cleans themselves up getting ready to interrogate Abigal once Griff sends for them.

The party discovers their premium studio apartment is a solid stone structure with no way out, a few couches, a bed, and a small medievalish kitchenet. A chance emerged to escape when Zaus reported back on Griff's activities but was unaware that the door locks itself upon closing and lacks any pins, keyholes, and or other mechanisms for tinkering they could locate. Bata holds Arden as they take stock of their injuries and comforts their partner, Sam sings their friends to a deep-deep sleep through a magical lullaby. Strange dreams come over those who fall into deep sleep, dreams most disturbing, and a bond between Bata and Therrin is tested in that headspace. The great towel rationing begins as Bata makes use of the cloth for their personal hygiene washing up at the deep kitchen sink and wrap a towel about themselves reasoning you do not cook while indecent -- Bata's rule. Olain joins Bata and they make do creaming the available butter, sugar, eggs, and flour; with the power of the wee oven, they make pound cakes for the party. Bata, a dutiful night guard can later be found slumped over in the corner covered in cake - crumbs and chunks. Sam cleans off the group's equipment from residues left over after the bath and concerts while the rest are preoccupied. Olain consumes whole cakes for breakfast, Arden awakens in and strange place, and pushes Bata away. Arden is broken over the conflict at the bathhouse, is consoled by Bata and Zaus. Olain compares the layers of deceit within the city down to its individual members, the feeling is dense... like the cakes. Nightmare monster with an affinity for baking. Therrin negotiations an escape from the most dubious of sources relying on each Roqueport denizen to look out for themselves to a fault.

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Ep 16: Cover Ups Into Public March

Published: Sep 14th, 2023

Relieved of danger at the bathhouse the party makes their way under Griff’s supervision to safer holdings, Bata carries a sleeping Arden through the streets of the Stire’s Grace tightly protected in their arms. Zaus makes off with a compliment of scented soaps, Sam retrieves a bracelet, a loop of sorrow, and Therrin let’s her captured sister know how she really feels about her.

While Griff prepares to escorted the party to safety Bata assesses the situation all choked up while the party gathers their things happy to be escorted to safer holdings. After heated words over where it is best to search Abigail for the dragon's tear Therrin had discovered disappeared earlier, Sam grabs his favored bracelet, and Zaus helps themself to the trashed bathhouse's "complementary" soap supply. The whereabouts of the tear left ambiguous having been given unreliable information from Abigail after Therrin's interrogation under threat of being searched in public. Arden suffers a collapse with the stress of their bathhouse experience, the old man makes friends with their bugalüs opponent, and with a great burst of fire the bathhouse goes up in flames. After the party makes it to their chambers at Griff's mansion and are allowed to settle in before the interrogation they overhear something most interesting and ponder their next move.

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Ep 15: Battle of the Bubbles Conclusion

Published: Sep 10th, 2023

The Battle of the Bubbles reaches its climax while Therrin stands strong, holding back waves of pirates as Sam calls upon their fans for aid, and Arden makes the best of the situation. For the rest of the party sudden sleep, dreams, and aches taken them for a time.

The party asks questions they decide they do not want the answers to upon further consideration. Then springing on the chance to rescue Zaus from immediate peril while receiving continued assistance from a powerful swat happy wizard combating a steam variety bugalüs at the bathhouse inn. Olain ponders whom they are as opposed to what they are while they lose consciousness as the battle of the bubbles reaches its climax. One by one the party takes a knee under the nefarious methods of the Roque Port Pirates and for a moment Abigale takes control before the situation goes belly up. Therrin discoveries new depths of rage for her family and digs deep to put the pirate menace to rest alongside her friends as they fade in and out of consciousness. As the situation continues to deteriorate Sam calls upon his fans and they do not disappoint. While there was indeed a great deal of attention from the public during this stealthy trip to the bathhouse the severity that comes with some benefits demanding Griff's personal touch after a time arriving with an accompaniment of guards to break up the mess.

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Ep 14: Battle of the Bubbles Continues

Published: Sep 8th, 2023

Bata takes on the abilities of a ping pong ball in space, Sam unleashes their fans on a looming pirate threat, both Therrin and Arden meet up with their favorite Perch Sister, and Zaus gathers the party’s things as they attempt their daring escape.

The powers of Sam's ancient spear breaks through the thin wall between their bath and the back of the front desk office where their belongings were stored. The wall shattered as if struck by a sonic boom knocking the thin stone of the wall into the meticulous stacks of their host's coins. As the party moves to gather their things for a quick escape they are headed off by Abigale's pirates. Arden makes good on his offer to embarrass Therin's sister. Sam utilizes their fame to weaponize their fans against the pirates as much as they try to get in the way or throw obstacles in front of the party's escape. Arden uses their mighty magic to take on the body of a humanoid lizard attempting to intimidate Abigail. Bata considers that the sheer quantity of pirates could mean the end of their adventure... and Arden could create a messy situation under that stress.

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Ep 13: Bubbles ‘n Butt Bathhouse Adventure

Published: Sep 6th, 2023

The party makes their way to a local bathhouse and meets faces new and old. Sam and Bata entertain their fans with a meet and greet at the bath drawing local interest while their friends attempt to avoid notoriety.

Bata ponders on the successes and numerous difficulties the party has faced thus far in executing their plans. That despite those challenges they were going to meet Grif and before that they were going to have a refreshing dip at the bath down the road. Seems within the "Spire's Grace" facilities like public baths are made communal to maximize the amount of usable space for industry and minimize necessary space for inexpensive housing. In an effort to keep Therrin and Olain in eye shot they disguise the two and haul them off to the Roqueport Bubbles and Butts Bathhouse. The locals gather around Sam and Bata as the party makes its way to the Bubbles and Butts Bathhouse offering compliments, attention, and at times mildly concerning comments. Sam detects an opportunity to charge for their autographs while bata freely gives to their fans. Arden jets ahead of the party in pursuit of a warm relaxing bath. The party discovers that the Bathhouse has a quest for adventurers within their membership (search for proprietor's daughter -- a missing iguana kin). Frankin the feral rodent, Arden's familiar, guards the party's possessions while they freshen up deeper in the bathhouse. Sam manages to get their spear into the baths and manages to set up a meet and greet for their fans to which the proprietor is extensively thrilled. Olain attaches to the bottom of the bath for warmth as the party gradually relaxes their concentration causing Therin's purple squirrely disguise to evaporate over time. From that disguise of a violet squirrel comes the Bloody Baroness Therrin Perch, whose infamy is best kept to the inner bathhouse away from public scrutiny oh what a time for a meet and greet. The battle of the bubbles begins when Abigale makes her début at the bath with her myriad pirate crews addressing the party ill equipped for a sudden brawl.

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Ep 12: The Show Must Go On

Published: Sep 4th, 2023

The designation of fur-troubled fuzzy is transferred from Therrin to Bata with the power of song and party favors as the concert reaches its peak and the group finds rest. They also find themselves in desperate need of a trip to the local bathhouse discovering that life under the spire employs many of these such public services to save on space.

The party sends off the out of sorts guard and Zaus is informed they are to stay far away from the rowdy pirates --- especially to not emulate the crowd, especially the pirates! Plans are made to visit a nearby bathhouse as the party has gone months without a bath; Therrin with her shirt of self-cleaning is by far the least self-conscious of the bunch. Therrin rests well with her XL purse, Bata's monies, and a loose ten gold coins all resting with her in bed. Bata experiences a Roqueport tradition of rubber pants being filled with beer and ale, Therrin explains it is to emphasize excess. Not much longer and both Bata and Sam reach the end of their rope getting help back up to the room evading the pirates having thoroughly distracted them earlier. Upon awakening Bata takes on the role of fur-troubled party member, reliving Therrin from her season 1 designation. Sam becomes one with the Bell Bottom Patchwork Pants. Therrin begins reading through a sack of fan mail judging the writing capability of the authors and notes the different ship names used in the works. Battam and Sata for instance seem to be the best of the bunch and much to her delight Therrin continues to find new fan-made stories in the bag.

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Ep 11: Bustle ‘n Ballade at the Bar

Published: Aug 30th, 2023

Sam without planning begins their rock star career dragging their friends from sleep to glory. Pirates and the law-abiding public can’t help but encourage one another in the experience; the ever-growing crowd draws in the city guard – is the party in trouble?

We discover Sam grooms their chest fluff in the morning, which pays off as their modest performance shifts into a power ballade, and an impromptu rock concert begins drawing in a growing crowd. Aided by the billowing smoke, minor magical effects, Bata's good spirits, and a roaring crowd of pirates. Drawing in even the city guard Sam continues the show aided by their friends who keep the guard off their back throughout the performance. The guard thoroughly questions Bata looking for Sam's manager, there could be permits for these sorts of things after all. Arden is accused of suspected theft of Order property and Therrin puts a problem to bed.

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Ep 10: Smokey Secrets

Published: Aug 28th, 2023

Sam gathers information, Therrin disguises themselves from the public eye, Olain and Bata get into trouble, and Arden takes their natural charisma forward to inspire their fellow fuzzies and non-fuzzies alike.

The party start off the session by rolling initiative, this time the differences in their results were rather stark. Sam gets to work on gathering information quickly discovering the recent sea quelling following Dominque Perch having taken her fleet to sea protecting the Roqueport side of the Carbon Sea. While the city is currently ready for danger it requires a constant influx of goods and supplies or the city would grind to a halt. Bata graces Arden with their whimsical appreciation of magic and Therrin takes a chance with the magical hat of disguise to change their appearance. Bata gets themselves and Olain into some trouble at the inn, Therrin gets sacked, meanwhile Arden is distracted in pursuit of furthering their coaching career. A former suitor of Therrin's appears from a cloak of billowing smoke by the name of Rupert, whom confronts a fearful Bata and they find a way to escape their cell together. What could this mean going forward, is there truly a smoke machine, and will Arden rescue Sam from the robbers?

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Ep 9: Fresh Off The Boat

Published: Aug 26th, 2023

Master of espionage as they are the party makes no waste in their haste.

Bowties are decided to be fancy, regular or clip on, an important discussion between Bata and Sam while their sleep over in the depths of the ship begins. Arden watches over Bata and Sam while the rest of the party sleep in Zaus's cabin, all members somewhat concerned if they might find themselves attacked in their sleep. They learn the ship's motto, "a living employee is a working employee", and take in the unsettling but true nature of the statement. Shortly followed by Therrin's novel advice, "the early worm gets the cut purse", or something about that. Upon landing in Roqueport, not moments from leaving the Shrieking Mary, the party cannot help but make a stir. Bata receives a prophecy where they may tango with the midnight robbers. Following a riveting conversation with the house Empinar guards the party gets a room, premium with a in room lock and no windows for safety. Arden theorizes about the most popular names on the Cross: Gordon, Ronald, and the new addition of Danny. "Danny Big Boy" incidentally is a mouse guard for Empinar with a personality taller than his glaive and just as mighty.

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Ep 8: Let Them Eat Cake

Published: Aug 14th, 2023

A promise of birthday cake, a new friend, and the infamous Chef Gordon strikes again. All this while the party realizes they may soon encounter a welcome party upon arrival and Zaus returns some of the things they “found” while aboard.

Sam checks in on Zaus to make sure they made good on the courier's request to put back the fancy finery they had liberally removed from the kitchen. Arden makes a brief connection through their mortal experience to the Umbra, and takes a stab at being a motivational speaker. Bata becomes a rather confused and judgmental bear when presented Therrin's then temporary companion ultimately shrugging ang turning a blind eye to Therrin's life choices. The party meets a new friend by the name Olain and gives them advice on their life trajectory. A day before the ship lands the party realizes that extracting the cart and their belongings might be difficult if there were to be a welcome party, they might benefit from contingencies, and debate over the best course of action. Zaus locates a cake made by Chef Gordon from the secret wine cellar interrupting the meeting and the party considers the risk of poison for a time... Arden promises the party a cake in the future, a cake even bigger than Arden, a birthday cake, and Bata acquires a middle name!

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Ep 7: Land Ahoy

Published: Aug 12th, 2023

Therrin becomes one with the Umbra, Arden locates the crew at large, and all parties offer each other a degree of discretion once they make dock.

Therrin experiences their body becomes one with the Umbra, their physiology might be forever changed, and their experiences leave an impression upon their Umbral companion. A feeling of connection grows between Therrin and the Umbra, a empathetic connection, and a juxtaposition between their two lives. When they are done, Sam comforts Therrin and checks their friend after the communion process. Therrin confirms their scientificness, Zaus acquires finery, and Arden closes their door in frustration. The party may not be the best at using aliases much to Arden's chagrin. A harrowing search later Arden locates the captain and comes to an arrangement for discretion between the party and the potions operation below deck.

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Ep 6: Guideless and Lost

Published: Aug 10th, 2023

Adapting to the challenges ahead as best they can the party plans ahead over Bata Cakes and Therrin begins to grow closer to their Umbral ally.

Following the interviews Arden had with the party and a growing concern that the Umbra and Zaus are rarely in sight. Bata has creaky door dreams that keep them sleeping with the bugalüs. The party gives their best effort with one of their greatest fears, swimming successfully out of danger. Sam appraises their cabin furniture for abnormal usage, especially their desk and twin bed. Content as they can be with their cabin they theorize if the boat had wheels on it could it then ride rails. The party works out their plans for infiltrating Roqueport over Bata Cakes. They take into account that the town celebrates the exile of the Courier's guild, and thus Sam might be best served by presenting as an ordinary visitor. They agree that more information is required to make a concrete plan though they do have different options to reach the spire and place the tear. The party may need new clothes given Sam's identity as a Courier, Bata is not dressed for city life, Therrin is Therrin, and Arden looks like a sailor. The conversation shifts to escaping jail cells and gallows in a worst-case scenario. Shortly after planning focuses on the dire situations, Therrin leaves the party for a stroll encountering the Umbra in all its eldritch glory atop the deck.

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Ep 5: Interviews with Friendly Floofs

Published: Aug 8th, 2023

Arden takes time to connect with their party members as friends and has some frank conversations they were not expecting. The interviews and their takeaways occured in the following order:

Bata’s Turn: Shoeing Zaus from his cabin Arden prepares themself for some quality time with their beloved Bata, time aboard the ship to have a heart to heart.

Therrin’s Turn: Arden invites their dear friend Therrin to their cabin for a riveting conversation and inquiry into their personal history post Roqueport life.

Sam’s Turn: Arden and Sam confide in one another after Sam’s friends offer them support below deck, Sam points out the ways Arden is an asset and points out they seem to have trouble relieving stress.

Zaus’s Turn: Esponage can lead to questions, Zaus betrayed by their partner in crime is brough to Arden’s desk, and while the conversation goes deep puppo suffers a few critical hits and healing words.

## Bata's Turn Our adventures, having previously fled Pinicola by boat find themselves with time to ponder and the ever-present threat of the mighty water spider. Desiring some one-on-one time with Bata, Arden harries Zaus out of the bed chamber and closes the door tight. Arden begins querying their companion to Bata's surprise, the mighty arcane puppo is ever thorough. Arden discovers Bata had spent much time as a bugalüs herder and Bata allegedly left their home for the cuisine and drink of the outside world. Arden notes Bata had been quick to settle into the Cobble family, Bata's family turns out to be much larger than even Zaus's kin, and Bata mentions the wilds of their home was far tamer than the wilderness at Mama Noms homestead. Arden restless with the parenthood/mentoring of Zaus, Bara reminds them they aren't in it alone flustering the smoll doggo. Switching subjects Arden inquires as to the details of the Bisemutum people and offers to get Bata a fairytale book in Roqueport noting it might be an offensive depiction of their faith. Bata deflecting away from too many personal details, instead focuses on their observations of the umbra compared to their expectations -- the creature they were traveling with was markedly different than the stories of old. Therrin although not present, becomes the focus of conversation. Bata is in resolute support of her mission to restore the Dragon's Tear to its spire, how she came to the decision, and whether she would fall from their vessel practicing her balance from all many of locations. Bata offers their stone to Arden, their talk of magic rocks brings the realization that Arden's communing with the Tear before could have been severely dangerous and that most people commune with a singular shard as opposed to the overwhelming mass of souls a Dragon's tear possess as a whole. Mulling over their past experiences, their guilt for what they could have stopped if not for their naiveté. Arden resolves to tame their temper and be kinder to Therrin going forward. With lighter hearts Bata leaves Arden to fetch the majestic Therrin balancing flawlessly on the bow of the ship. ## Therrin's Turn Opting to not dramatically kick in Arden's bedroom door, the Sailing Sergal decided to quietly enter and plop down crossing her legs and arms denoting her seriousness. There does appear to be a limited number of vantage points Therrin can balance, incidentally leading to Therrin's advice, "If you want to know how to sack a ship you better know how to sail one". Asking Therrin if they had ever sacked a ship they discovered the number has been well more than zero spawning unexpected anxiety in Arden. Fortunately, city guards can be easily bribed with money especially in Roqueport. Arden does not miss the opportunity to remind Therrin she is a wanted criminal with no less than the following minimum counts of: - x12 vandalism - x3 assault - x7 larceny - x1 illegal use of cheese in a legal proceeding All discovered to have been expunged by the Perch Family Trust Fund. Upon deeper inquiry Arden discovered there were depths to Therrin's past that might have been painful for them to swallow leading to the rebellious phase that brought them into Arden's life. When questioned about the party's stay at Mama Noms Farm they remembered it as a wonderful experience until she was reminded about the poison, upset stomach, hair loss, and hallucinations. Therrin explains she did not run from her mother because she felt responsible for her actions in trying to hurt her mom, she hurt others and wanted to take responsibility - for Therrin this is when she went to-far. Therrin sees Arden as always unhappy so they might be hard to read... much to his chagrin. Therrin admits she was disinterested with Zaus joining the group and once Zaus settled in, they wanted to give them the best shot they could as a member of the party and are glad for the addition now. Arden admits he would have destroyed the tear to save Therrin's life while they were unconscious and that was interesting for her to hear considering all they had been through up to now. Therrin does not often think of her sister as more than a talentless hake with no future beyond what mother was going to let her be. Therrin has had to draw lines and physically distance herself with family for her own mental health, boundaries she knows will not be respected. Writing herself out of the Perch family does not worry Therrin as they would be in danger regardless. Therrin believes in Arden's ability to raid ships and sink the vessels of their enemies were they to join in the business of piracy one day; danger can often be the spice of life for Therrin after all. Then the conversation turned to Reginald and Therrin became serious, spoke fondly of him as a source of many life lessons, and her devotion to the man for what he gave her for the time they were together. Reginald, as loved as he was, chose Therrin's mother over her hurting Therrin giving the Sergal conflicting emotions she wrestles with even now whenever she thinks of him. Arden apologizes for how they handled themselves at the funeral then unexpectedly compares their willingness to put themselves into harm's way to Therrin's devil may care attitude towards danger. Arden is thanked for their efforts and Therrin requests to leave and does so wiping away a tear as she goes. ## Sam's Turn Zaus makes it their personal mission to locate Sam below deck, having already spied in on Therrin and Arden, and with Sam atop a barrel of grog looking sadly into a bracelet resting in their paw. In his own way Zaus gets himself into trouble bringing his friends together before Sam is directed away to a meeting with Arden in their private cabin. With a nervous fidget Sam sits down for their "interview", Sam from Atlas, works in the less upkept parts of the delivery routes. Indeed, a postal worker that has seen a series of unfortunate events and little else to send home about. Arden notes that Sam had mentioned a person being pulled from the deck in front of them and connects that to their aversion to being on the deck of the ship. Part of Sam's life before the adventure was intentional isolation on their part, doing distant deliveries for clients like Moma Noms facilitated the get money and go strategy away from civilization type of lifestyle. Through query Sam shares it is normal for a courier to not know the contents of their delivery, they delivered as couriers, and local authorities enforced their laws that role was not for his guild. Arden indirectly asks if Sam was in fact "Mister Noms" and the answer is... Arden and Sam go over the dangers of the ocean and working through the numerous dangers Sam is more or less put further at ease, much more so than before they talked. Sam compares the Umbra to Arden being calculating and always thinking. Talking of the group they had formed Sam states the party is the closest thing to family and they mean that seriously. Sam pints out that Okuma saved Arden by choice over themselves, an alternative view point to Okuma died because of Arden. Sam believes Arden is the one to put the group together and facilitated plenty for the group in their own right. Arden has a hard time seeing their own self-worth, Sam doesn't seem to have much difficulty pointing their contributions out giving Arden much to think on. They also point out Arden doesn't seem to know how to relieve stress Sam asks how Arden is doing, he ultimately is glad he has his found family though he may not yet refer to them in such manner. Sam offers to help even if Arden wants to go to Atlas and dig deep into the order through their friends and family back in Atlas. As Arden finishes and Sam leaves there is a sense of closeness despite distance that has indeed weighed anchor. ## Zaus's Turn Upon the end of Sam's conversation, the monkey left Arden's bedroom to find Bata and Zaus had been listening in on their conversation. Sam might be of the opinion that these two together are bound to get into mischief... Caught red handed Bata deposits Zaus into the chair across from Arden for questioning while not emphasizing they had been also listening in to the degree Arden would tolerate. Upon inquiry Zaus lays claim to all of the different pronunciations of their name with love in their heart, all are accepted titles thus far. They also don't have a birth certificate and don't have a definitive spelling of their name as they are still learning to write. Before joining the group, they took care of raising their siblings, mom was focused on her many enterprises, and Zaus didn't have time for much beyond being a big brother for their siblings and farm operations. They were happy when their siblings did well and played games with them; they did rib Arden as being the most fun to play with alluding to the time they beat them good at cards. They don't remember their father or if there were multiple, no memory of them as a presence in their early life much less as people. Zaus had to always be aware of who was watching them, how they presented themselves, and the example they set for their siblings. Zaus also guesses that Arden had a very lonely childhood, which they did, and a critical hit is scored. Zaus identifies Therrin as a fun mess upon Arden saying everyone is different with different upbringings. Arden tells Zaus they are the closest thing to a son they will ever have. Zaus also says they feel the freest they ever have around the party, they mused that perhaps part of the reason their mom let them go is they didn't get to live with themselves as a focus or had a childhood in the traditional sense. Speaking to life perspective Zaus states that if they jump right in then they don't spend time worrying, they won't get paralyzed by all the variables, and the party covers for one another. Zaus doesn't want to go back home because they think their dreams would die and/or Meunice would appear on his doorstep one day. Zaus is reading books more now but they say reading people is more fun. The two casters muse over the ways they interact with magic. Magic is like communicating without words, to communicate to be understood, or taxes. Zaus did not understand what was going on in the spire but they noted magic users were affected differently and then that non-studious casters were affected differently; potentially bruising Arden's caster's ego. Being unprepared or ill equipped has never stopped the party before and Zaus takes pride in that. Zaus lets Arden know their stopping of the umbra's punch back when they first met the creature has made them more comfortable with taking bigger risks causing Arden's anxiety to once again spike. Zaus's biggest fear besides Meunice, is losing members of the party, their friends here on the boat, they are glad Arden is taking initiative to talk to their mutual friends, and worries that without a push Therrin might self-isolate similar to what Arden might recall Sam was doing in their own way.

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Ep 4: Upon Gordon’s Heels

Published: Aug 6th, 2023

Courier Gordon becomes the center of debate for the party as they consider abandoning him and their cart to the town guard in their escape through the back of the Couriers’ Guildhall. Following their escape, the party makes preparations for their time on the sea as well as how exactly they would get onto the water, and far away from Pinicola.

Therrin notifies the party there are issues out front the courier's guildhall, they realize that the town guards are making announcements of their intent to search their "abandoned cart", they also realize that all their things, and "potential contraband" is in their cart - they also don't know where their traveling companion Gordon might be taking a nap (probably the cart). The town guards break open the back of the wagon and the party debates how much they like Gordon while the guards deliberate Gordon's fate. The party makes plans to distract and set the guards into disarray unexpectedly getting puppo deputized. A "Fun Delema" later the party recoups their cart and begin a "high-speed-cart chase". Bata briefly contemplates dressing as a bug and dancing as a bug for the benefit of the party's travel. Sam and Arden speak to the dockmaster, Dockmaster Gordon. Throughout their day the party exhibits their mastery of international espionage. Arden acquires a warm trench coat in preparation for their time on the sea. Before the end of today the party will experience this vessel's maiden voyage!

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Ep 3: Turmoil Pagoda

Published: Aug 4th, 2023

Our time with Julias and Kayde comes to an end as does the mystery of the formerly sealed wooden crate.

This Hero Sandwich has layers folks, let's dive in: At the Gates: Gordon comes to grips with reality at the end of their long rest while Kayde realizes Zaus is hard to keep track of. Therrin accidentally manages to communicate nap time for their bugalüs gently whipping the reins at the gates of Pinicola. For a moment the party reminisces their past exploits in the great dock town and firmly decide they do not care of this place. Bluffing the town guard, they manage to get through the gates for half off, they are all "members" of the couriers' band after all. On inquiry the party is directed to the Travelers Pagoda by an unnamed "wall guard", their only other option for a medical care in town was the surgeon squirrel Indigo -- a professional they would rather avoid. With a deep breath the party once again melds into Pinicola traffic, this time attempting not to draw the attention of the guard as they had in their last visit. At the Pagoda: A frog, owl, and squirrel are encountered at the Pagoda deep in philosophical debate, all eager to help the party. While the philosophers have much trouble with the crate Kayde pops it right open with their trusty Order Issued crowbar and the philosophers get to work restoring the statue of Archmage Okuma. After reminiscing their history as stone smith that philosopher opens a secret compartment in the pagoda floor containing the group's magical healing equipment and supplies, no latent abilities it would seem. Through the combined efforts of the philosophers, Kayde, and Arden break the spell cast on Okuma returning his form to flesh and blood. Unfortunately, it would appear Okuma is missing their soul, unconscious, and unable to take care of their own wellbeing. The party considers the lake they had been informed about while the philosophers make a plan for themselves to escape the forces who's plans they have now meddled in by restoring Okuma though they know not the identity of the archmagi. Looking into Okuma's listless eyes Arden prepares to leave and Bata joins them comforting the troubled pupo as they go. At the Courier's Guild: Therrin and Julias lay the injured on the lawn in front of the Pagoda and have a heart to heart on what inspires each other to action. Julias utterly confounded why the princess of the Perch family is not working to bring order to the cross through economic strength suggesting that leaving the Perch family was a detriment to The Cross Therrin is responsible for. Julias turns the robbers over to the authorities from the yard deflecting attention away from the party triggering a public flogging and parade of shame. Julias and Kayde mull over the questionable nature of their employers, perhaps even questioning to what extent the senator was involved with Okuma's current situation or Meunice's plans. Julias and Kayde hand over the package to a fungoid contact who had been tailing the party since they entered the city. Leaving shortly after handing over the package they nearly miss the fungoid's emotional breakdown seeing the contents of the package at the pagoda, a promise with a Meunice twist. Inside the guildhall the party sends out letters to Elder Percus in Bisemutum and letter back to Mama Noms and the Cobble family doing their best to ignore the state of the world outside the guildhall. Meanwhile outside Julias manages to gain custody of the grieving fungoid to release them outside the city doing their best effort consoling the stranger on the way. The party leaves outside the back of the Courier's Guild making their way towards Roqueport, one step closer to returning the dragon's tooth home.

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Ep 2: A Frosty Hoot

Published: Aug 2nd, 2023

An opportunity for romance? Perhaps danger or an old friend rises to meet the party on their trek? Stay tuned as the reins fly free once more!

The party makes their way towards Pinicola. Our two new traveling companions Julias and Kayde meet Zaus and attempt to come to terms with the outlaw Therrin Perch in their midst, this will be one of the first in many moral quandaries for Julias Paladin of Arcane Order. Theodore the Tranquil, the explicit intimidating howling owl makes an appearance on the road and demands of the party their most questionable possession, the crate Julias and Kayde have for delivery. Julias engages Theodore the Tranquil in a battle of wills clashing their positive energy with Theodore's seething rage. Meanwhile the cart encounters functional challenges prompting a subterfuge and dark intimations. Julias begins to see how deep their circumstances take them with the knowledge of a secret drop off point in dubious territory many hours outside Pinicola. Bata provides service with a wink and a smile while this break neck speed adventure could leave you sputtering like a sprinkler.

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Ep 1: The Roads to Pinicola

Published: Jul 31st, 2023

Agents of the Arcane Order and Senator Mazak get swept up into the chaos of the adventuring life with our heroes teaming up to deliver a suspicious package to Pinicola.

Agents of the Arcane Order and Senator Mazak commence a delivery of delicate goods through the country side meanwhile the main party is waylaid by highway con-men. Following the retreat of a honorary bandit-bush the party ponders on the nature of their infamous baroness (Therrin) traveling through the descending mist and what disguise they could adorn her with patiently waiting for Bata to successfully encourage the bugalüs to move. Senator Mazak's delivery crew Kayde and Julias encounter a necromancer and attempt to talk their way through a dangerous encounter and what might appear to be a mid-life crisis on the part of the necro-pooch. Kayde and Julias are warned of giant spiders in the area and also receive a reading from a local lonely Ronald who makes many requests of their visitors. One wagon collision between the party and the agents of the Arcane order causes a strained alliance to form. United they oppose the necromantic forces occupying the roads and make their way collectively to Pinicola.

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Curse of Coeurasa 2019

Ep 48: What The Future Holds

Published: May 15th, 2019

Bata wakes up from a nightmare only to find it following him to the waking world. Zaus practices his knife throwing skills much to Therrin’s approval, Sam practices his artistry and Bata makes some cakes to pass the time while Arden is catching up on his spells. Our gang begins to make their way back to Pinicola excited for where their adventure will take them.

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Ep 47: Heated

Published: May 13th, 2019

The gang traverses through the swamp and end up camping in it for the night. Their tired state brings to light some heated tempers of problems that have been building up.

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Ep 46: Dealing with Monsters

Published: May 10th, 2019

The gang tries to gain their footing inside the Umbra, the beast of many mouths and eyes taking them away from the Dragon’s Tooth. Beaten, confused, and some even unconscious, they try to strike a deal with the Umbra.

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Ep 45: Headmaster Okuma

Published: May 8th, 2019

Upon exiting the Dragon’s Tooth, the gang finds that everyone that was outside is now gone and Headmaster Okuma is waiting there for Arden.

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Ep 44: Guardian

Published: May 6th, 2019

The gang meet the Guardian of the Dragon Tooth to face their final test.

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Ep 43: Inside The Dragon’s Tooth

Published: May 3rd, 2019

The gang enters the Dragon’s Tooth, suffering from the mental labyrinth the shrine presents. As they continue forth, they are met with several challenges.

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Ep 42: Man Down

Published: May 1st, 2019

During their travels down the swamp, they get attacked by a monstrously sized waterspider and lose a person to the creature. What is left of the gang continues to the Dragon’s Tooth where they meet some acquaintances and come to the realization that time is running out.

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Ep 41: Erickson

Published: Apr 29th, 2019

Zaus practices his ABCs, Bata makes their Bugalus and Therrin jealous, and Sam has an admirer he must confront. They meet their new captain, Erickson, a face Bata and Sam are both familiar with, and the gang heads off into the swamp.

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Ep 40: Festivities

Published: Apr 26th, 2019

Bata gives Arden a gift, Therrin zones out and the gang tries to figure out directions towards the Dragon’s Tooth. They mingle with the locals who are deep in their festivities and Bata has a strange dream about a talking walking bag of money.

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Ep 39: Deliveries

Published: Apr 24th, 2019

Meunice’s package is delivered to the Fungoids and he parts ways from the gang. Therrin goes back to hiding as the illusion spell on her wears off, but an attentive pursuer manages to find her. Bata gets distracted shopping but manages to find potions to ease Sam’s worry.

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Ep 38: Gomphus

Published: Apr 22nd, 2019

Sam’s looking good and attracts the eye of a local. While eating, Therrin gets a little drunk and Zaus tries to sneak a drink. The gang makes their way toward the Gomphus ‘Festival of Becoming’, Therrin becomes shiny, Sam becomes tingly and Bata becomes nervous.

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Ep 37: Barbie Episode

Published: Apr 20th, 2019

The gang continues their shopping at Meunice’s expense. Sam finds a plethora of bowties, Bata and Arden are having difficulty picking clothes, and Therrin gets a knife.

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Ep 36: The Waterspider Strip

Published: Apr 17th, 2019

Meunice lets the gang loose in a shopping strip … they might spend all of his money in the first shop.

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Ep 35: Yet Another Bath Scene

Published: Apr 13th, 2019

The Perchello arrives at dock and Meunice is excited to get going. Meunice provides Arden with a spell scroll and proceeds to clean Bata’s lungs and other places. Sam and Zaus get sent through the wash station as well, Meunice needing his cohorts to be in a presentable state. Therrin misplaces her newly earned gold, Sam misplaces his bedroll, and Franklin is very depressed.

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Ep 34: Mending

Published: Apr 10th, 2019

Mr. Renshaw fixes the wheel of the Perchello. Bata gets his stitches removed and Arden wonders about his future. Therrin impresses the first mate with her acrobatic skills while she gets food for Sam and Zaus. The gang’s all alright.

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Ep 33: Lifelines

Published: Apr 6th, 2019

Zaus saves Sam and brings him back onto the boat and to get him stabilized with the help of Therrin and Arden. Arden then realizes that they are missing one more person from their gang. After fishing Bata out of the water, they regroup downstairs and it is brought to their attention that the boat is badly damaged.

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Ep 32: Overboard

Published: Apr 3rd, 2019

The majority of the crew is dragged overboard and become the feast for the water spiders. Arden and Therrin manage to fend off some attackers, Zaus comes into his own, but Sam and Bata are having a harder time managing the situation.

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Ep 31: Dinner Bell

Published: Mar 30th, 2019

We wake up to the dinner bell being rung. Zaus is awake and he had some vivid and strange dreams while he was out. During dinner, Arden’s studies are interrupted by some skittering foes and Sam goes for a swim.

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Ep 30: Crooning Night

Published: Mar 27th, 2019

Arden’s crying, Therrin’s crying, Sam is nervous and uncomfortable, and Bata doesn’t know how to take all this in. Among their turmoil, they meet a crooning hyena named Jade, who is peculiarly familiar with Bata’s home.

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Ep 29: Family Ties

Published: Mar 23rd, 2019

Sitting down with Abigail Perch, Therrin learns about the consequences of her actions and makes a life decision.

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Ep 28: Madame Stabigail

Published: Mar 20th, 2019

Bata watches over Zaus as Theodore heals him. Arden splits from Sam without saying anything, so Sam goes to find his sleeping room. The captain sings … a tune and Arden catches up with Bata and tries to give him an anxiety attack. Therrin meets up with her sister Abigail and much blood is shed.

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Ep 27: Perchello

Published: Mar 16th, 2019

Heiress Therrin Perch manages to catch the attention of a stumbling captain and she christens the boat they are using to embark on their journey up the swamp. Theodore practices his dentistry on Arden and our adventurers learn more about their employer, Meunice.

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Ep 26: Dragon’s Tear

Published: Mar 13th, 2019

Before leaving Pinicola, Bata retrieves Therrin’s dagger back from Theodore. Bata uses the dagger to leave a message for Madame Perch, asking her to forgive and be kind to Therrin. On the road, Arden decides to gaze into Bata’s whisperstone and as his interest is peaked he turns his attention to the Dragon’s Tear. The Tear proves to have a stronger effect and be too much for Arden, and he realizes that there is more to the Dragon’s Tears than what he has been thought by the Order.

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Ep 25: Meeting Meunice

Published: Mar 9th, 2019

The gang meets up with Meunice, an enthusiastic fox-kin mage who is looking to make money. Bata and Sam stay behind to watch over Zaus and Gordon. Gordon was worse off than they all knew and ends up needing medical attention, but with no cleric in the near vicinity, Sam finds the next best thing. Zaus displays some of his magical capabilities and Sam’s wagon gains yet another hole.

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Ep 24: Brewing Tension

Published: Mar 6th, 2019

Theodore leads the gang to a parking structure where he changes his tune upon realizing that he was antagonizing his future coworkers, he offers some healing before vanishing into a cloud of smoke. Therrin manages to get rid of her dagger Cheddar and proceeds to watch over Zaus. Sam cleans up his wagon and Mr. Renshaw examines Bata’s war hammer, but for some reason, some tension brews between the two of them.

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Ep 23: Pinicola

Published: Mar 2nd, 2019

Zaus confides in Bata about his concerns regarding Therrin, angry that she would steal and lie to him and worried about her behavior, Bata eventually realizing that his advice to Zaus is really advice to himself. As they enter Pinicola, the group gets separated from each other and they meet up with a flustered and angry owl-kin, attracting the attention of some guards.

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Ep 22: Legends and Talking Daggers

Published: Feb 27th, 2019

After Gordon catches up to the gang, they discuss the risk of carrying Therrin’s many possessions. Bata warns of the dangers of the Umbra and the Dragon’s Tear, Zaus begins to distrust Auntie Therrin, and they all see mysterious figures spying on them. Oh, and Bata and Arden hold hands.

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Ep 21: The Umbra’s Threat

Published: Feb 23rd, 2019

Therrin takes her talking dagger back from Zaus and tries to have Arden help her understand why it’s talking, but they are joined by the Umbra during their investigation.

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Ep 20: Muldred’s Magical Extraordinary Emporium of Mysterious Objects

Published: Feb 20th, 2019

We come across a traveling merchant with mysterious and magical items, all legally obtained of course! There are spell books of questionable content, weapons of interesting origins, and potions and medallions of questionable prices.

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Ep 19: Curious Zaus

Published: Feb 16th, 2019

While traveling, Zaus gets bored and decides to learn new things from everyone around him. Therrin offers some balancing lessons, Sam teaches him how to read, Arden makes Zaus’ brain hurt, and Bata avoids some questions.

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Ep 18: Cleaning Up After Therrin

Published: Feb 13th, 2019

Therrin and Zaus are a mess from their encounter with vagabonds. While Therrin rests, the rest of the gang gets cleaned up and recover themselves from the previous night. Additionally, Zaus casts thunder, Arden makes a glowing goddess, and Bata flexes.

Mr. Arden Renshaw’s diary entry

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Ep 17: Therrin’s Bloody Claws

Published: Feb 9th, 2019

When Therrin tries to help her hungover comrades she stumbles into trouble.

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Ep 16: Is This A Date?

Published: Feb 6th, 2019

Our group of adventurers are having trouble getting any rest after their encounter with the Umbra. Therrin decides to teach Zaus some of her ways, Sam shows off his hidden talent, and Arden and Bata go out to get some drinks.

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Ep 15: Confronting Therrin

Published: Feb 2nd, 2019

After taking Therrin back to the cleric, Arden and Bata discover that their travel partner is less than desirable to have around.

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Ep 14: The Umbra

Published: Jan 31st, 2019

The Umbra, a nightmarish beast and a legend from Bata’s homeland, attacks our gang. Will they be able to get away?

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Ep 13: Stirring Up Trouble

Published: Jan 26th, 2019

The gang wakes up bright eye and bushy tailed after their night with the cleric. They find Therrin playing with daggers, Zaus shows off some new tricks he learned and they meet a skunk named Gordon. Then they set off, ready for adventure!

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Ep 12: True Grit

Published: Jan 23rd, 2019

The gang realizes just how hurt they are and travel all night to get to a cleric? Therrin looks badass as always, Arden is self-conscious about his arm bandages and Sam navigates in his sleep.

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Ep 11: A Ruckus

Published: Jan 19th, 2019

The gang buys rations for the journey ahead and Bata gives Arden his clothes back. Therrin buys the “Tunic of a Righteous Warrior”, there is a commotion, and no one likes Arden (except maybe Bata).

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Ep 10: Shopping with Therrin

Published: Jan 16th, 2019

The gang arrive at Burnwurth where Sam is entrusted with a special package, Arden has trouble talking to a girl, we go shopping with Therrin, and Bata’s crush grows.

Mr. Arden Renshaw’s diary entry

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Ep 9: Babysitting

Published: Jan 13th, 2019

Bata serves up his meal, Therrin eats Mama Nom’s Plate, Zaus has a dagger and teases Arden, and Sam’s apparently a courier without a map but don’t worry, he knows the way.

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Ep 8: Cooking with Bata

Published: Jan 9th, 2019

Arden shares a room with Sam. Bata learns to be a stay-at-home dad and gets some love advice from Mama Noms. Therrin does an anime thing, a speech, goes out to find a friend, and acquires some poison?

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Ep 7: Monkey Bro

Published: Jan 5th, 2019

The gang goes out to search for Mama Noms and end up finding a Monkey Bro along with her, they lose a kite, Arden plays games with the kids and Dr. Therrin MD is on the case!

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Ep 6: Windstorm

Published: Jan 2nd, 2019

Mr. Renshaw, Bata and Therrin head back to Mama Nom’s and for some mysterious reason get sick along the way, Therrin makes a “killer” deal and they do a roll-call before leaving the kids home alone …

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Ep 5: The Manipede Attack

Published: Dec 29th, 2018

It rains on our adventurer’s parade, Therrin pitches a tent, Bata loses his Honeymead Bread, Arden gets mistaken for someone else, the last silkie is found and a new great friend has many legs.

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Ep 4: Hide and Seek

Published: Dec 26th, 2018

Our adventures find themselves playing a game of hide and seek, learning manners at the breakfast table, and making pinky promises. The Herdlord enters the scene, Arden pukes, there’s rustling in the tall grass, and our heroes break the festive fourth wall?

Susie, one of Mama Noms' children, wakes up Arden and Therrin and calls them to breakfast. Therrin discovers just how bad her fur looks in the places she got zapped the night before. Susie goes outside and tries to wake up Bata, but he's far too tired to wake up. Susie decides to collapse Bata's tent on top of him. Bata finally wakes up and finds Arden and Therrin at breakfast, but Mama Noms and none of the children are around. Arden still needs time to study, so Bata and Therrin leave him at the house while they go out searching for Mama Noms and her son Ronald, the "Herd Lord". After a couple hours searching around for Mama Noms, Bata and Therrin return to the house to see if they can find any of the kids and discover Suzie in bed. After waking her up and promising not to tell her mother that she went back to bed, the bear and the sergal are taken out to the fields where they finally find Mama Noms and Ronald. Introductions are made, Ronald gives them a few tips on finding silkies, and Bata and Therrin set off to find some of the missing silkies. The bear and sergal join up with Arden back at the house and find some bait to lure out the missing silkies. As dusk settles, our adventurers venture out and find one of the silkies and successfully bring it back. Our group decides to head back out to the fields to camp for the night, and Arden casts light on the end of Therrin's snoot.

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Ep 3: Midnight Snack

Published: Dec 22nd, 2018

Mr. Renshaw and Bata spend some quality time together in a bath. Therrin sneaks around cause she’s hungry and they all make some new friends?

Mama Noms tries to give Bata and Arden singing lessons while they awkwardly take a bath together. Arden tells Bata that Therrin is willing to help them study a working spire. Bata is surprised that Therrin claims she can get into a Dragon's Tooth without being destructive, and Bata explains there are beasts and guardians within. Bata agrees to help as long as they promise to pay respect and not break anything. Meanwhile, Therrin decides to sneak into the kitchen and drink some of Mama Noms' wine to relax. Arden and Bata discover Therrin isn't in the bedroom and decide Bata should see where she went. One of the farm's silkies breaks into the kitchen in search for wine, startling Therrin. Bata finds Therrin, but they make enough noise to spook the silkie, and it attacks Therrin. Therrin gets a good swipe at the Silkie with her claws, but gets electrocuted again. Bata, thinking fast and using his tribal knowledge, carefully approaches and calms the animal with a big bear hug. The group leads the silkie back outside, 9 bottles of wine in tow. Bata leads the silkie into a pen with other silkies and helps distribute the wine in order to keep all the silkies happy. As the night draws to a close, Bata sleeps outside to make sure the silkies don't get out again, Arden hops into the guest bed, Therrin shoves him over and climbs into the bed also.

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Ep 2: Mama Noms

Published: Dec 19th, 2018

Our rat friend Cassie leads the adventurers to Mama Noms. There Therrin steals some things, Arden washes dishes, Bata tells bedtime stories, they get a singing lesson and fight over a bed?

Cassie, the street rat who found our three heroes squabbling, leads the group to the edge of a farm about an hour's walk away from the town. Arden is still suspicious, fearing they're walking directly into a trap. Cassie instructs the group to approach the farm and offer help in exchange for accommodation for the night. Arden, Bata, and Therrin, approach the farm house and meet Mama Noms and her numerous children: Mary, Suzy, Capers, Vallen, Joe, Xeno, Monzy, Marks, Zaus, Caverfol, and Ronald. They learn that Cassie is also Mama Noms' daughter, though Cassie is exercising her independence from the family. Mama Noms informs the group that in light of her husband's passing, they could be most useful by helping Ronald wrangle and return home some of their lost herds. But first, they're treated to dinner and a tour of the house. Therrin, Arden, and Bata jockey for use of the bath and the single guest room bed. Bata manages to find several magical items under the guest bed, and they strike a deal to sell the items for her for a cut of the proceeds. Arden gets very sad while accidentally destroying a magical scroll case, and after identifying the contents gets impatient waiting for his bath and decides he would rather climb into the bath with Bata.

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Ep 1: The Rat Bucket Inn

Published: Dec 15th, 2018

Join Therrin, Bata, and Mr. Arden Renshaw as they solve the … they’re just … eating? Um … Our adventurers regretfully band together after a few too many drinks. There is bread, love at first sight, some tents, death threats and a weasel who owns an inn that is not an inn?

Mr. Arden Renshaw’s diary entry

The Rat Bucket Inn is not an Inn. However it happens to be where three separate paths join together. Bata Amica, a towering Bear Barbarian exploring lands outside his own, finds himself discovering the intricacies of money and buying beer, as well as getting a history lesson about the tavern and the town with his silkie steak. While that happens, Therrin Perch, a gray eastern sergal from the city of Roqueport, silently slips into the tavern trying to blend into the crowd. Finally Arden Renshaw, a short, thin white dog in a blue waistcoat and red cloak, enters for a rest while on a mission to find a "missing" person. Arden and Bata get treated to some surprisingly good bread made by the Rat Bucket Inn's cook, Gertrude, and Fredrickson gives the bear some honey mead whiskey. Arden reveals that he's on a mission to study the spires, however the Spire in Roqueport is shut down due to the power source being stolen. Therrin's interest wanes as she eavesdrops from her nearby table, but before she's able to leave, Arden pipes up. "You look very familiar." He says loudly. "She kind of reminds me of this picture that I saw-" he continues before being cut off by a sergal's claw to his lips. Arden pulls out a poster of Therrin's self image that says "Missing: Reward of 50,000 gold." Fredrickson manages to get his paws on the poster and promptly clears out his tavern, save for the bear, dog, and sergal. With the Rat Bucket Inn cleared out and locked up, Fredrickson asks the group for a good reason to let them go instead of turning in Therrin for the reward. Through diplomacy, bluffs, and intimidation Arden manages to convince Fredrickson that it's ill-advised to do anything to harm the group. Fredrickson allows them to leave, all the while kicking himself over not taking the opportunity to claim the reward. After that close encounter, Arden explains that he's not after Therrin for the reward, but because he wants her expertise given he figures she's the one who stole from the Roqueport spire. The group decides they need to find a place to stay other than the tavern, and as luck would have it, a small street rat named Cassie tells them of a farm outside of town. With cautious suspicion, the group agrees to follow Cassie.

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Game Master

Arden Renshaw

Arden Renshaw

My name is Arden. `Arden Renshaw, Fifth Scribe and Apprentice Abjurer to The Holy Empire of The Crystal Fang’s Order of Arcane Sages`

Arden Renshaw is short and thin white dog, no more than five feet tall and 140 pounds with a single black dot on his left cheek. His head is covered by a wide cloak hood the drapes over his floppy ears and large round glasses. Seen from underneath those glasses are a pair wide, deep blue eyes that constantly scan and analyze the world around him.

He wears a deep red cloak with a small cloak pin of a small scroll, that hides a seemingly new and slightly oversized deep navy waistcoat with brass buttons, held at the waist with a belt that holds a similarly new looking mace, potions, and a very worn and dog eared book on a chain with a rusty clasp holding it shut. His small paws are adorned with linen wrist wraps tap upon the book at his side as he thinks and strategizes his moves, and quickly flips the clasp open and draws the book when he needs to take notes or study his craft.

Beneath his coat, is a close fitting linen tunic, matched by a pair of spotless deep navy breeches and riding boots seeing their first trot through the mud of the world.

Arden is a young prodigy, far too brilliant for his age. He rarely has had few to connect with other than his peers from the order, and has left him detached from the world around him, and more so the people that inhabit it. He often sees most people for their shortcomings, failures, and poor behaviour. This constant scrutiny of those around him has given him a good mind for research and strategy, which he finds to occcasionally be very hard to turn off.

Despite the early onset frown lines beneath his fur, he is still fiercely loyal to those he holds dear, or would plan to if he ever bonded with anyone. He is very driven to do the right thing at all times, even if it grits against his patience like so many things in the world do.

Therrin Perch

Therrin Patch

Therrin is a grey sergal with white chest fluff. She stands roughly 5 feet 6 inches and is clad in flashy leather garments for ease of movement Her particular outfit looks to be better quality than most adventurers usually wear. Aside from the leather, the sergal dons a loosefitting shirt of the finest silk to keep some of her movements hidden from her would be opponents. Tucked into her shirt is a necklace with a signet ring that she keeps hidden most of the time. At her side is her rapier which she’s named Stilton and sits in her modest scabbard when not in action. It’s hilt is ornate and elaborate to the point that it inherently has a story all its own. Overall her attire looks functional, but most importantly, it looks amazing.

Therrin loves adventure and looking cool while doing it. This swashbuckling lass will be the first to jump at any occasion to deal the final blow in any battle. While in action, this sergal is a force to be reckoned with, but all other times she is reserved and has something to hide and always wants to keep moving. You can depend on her in any battle, but not so much for conversation. She will be the first to accept any challenge or job with the hopes it will lead to her next amazing feat.

Bata Amica

Bata Amica

My name is Bata Amica. Bata is a towering Bear Barbarian, he’s strong built and covered in lush white fur. His attire is mostly armor made from large shells of stag beetles. Namely a pauldron over his right shoulder and vambraces over his forearms, both held in place by large dark belts and shell buckles. Below that he wears rough leather garments that have seen some wear, the edges of which are fringed with dark fur. While his chest is bare, a large garment wraps around his midsection, followed by a long loincloth and kilt. A large cloak covers his back, featuring a large but simple burnt in symbol that some whisper is from the lands beyond À Mond.

He rests a large war hammer at his side, one end of the mace was blunt while the other had a chiseled end. A weapon suited for fighting beasts. On his left was a wooden shield, a bit small and unfitting, probably a temporary replacement for a shield he had lost.

His physical appearance is betrayed by his behavior, he’s singing a tune to himself and sporting a friendly smile. He may fumble with his manners and might miss social queues from people, but he’s good hearted, curious, chivalrous, and tends to help others almost to a fault. You can rely on him to assist you in any way.

Samuel M. Horstrom

Samuel M. Horstrom

Samuel M. Horstrom, or Sam, is a white-throated capuchin monkey standing at approximately five foot eight inches. Most of his body is colored an earthy brown, but it fades to white upon his chest and shoulders, spilling slightly down his arms, and wrapping around his face to his forehead. His hair is brown, long, and wavy. His face features a light tan color and his eyes are a dark but intense brown in their own. He wears traveler’s garb, well weathered and worn from use. Simple but sturdy brown leather boots and rough tan cloth pants sit under a tight, well-made but aged light blue cloth shirt, topped by a leather traveling jacket.

Samuel is a Courier, first and foremost, and as such displays a high standard of accountability when it comes to protecting a package or ensuring delivery of a customer’s assets. Unless something jeopardizes his mission as a Courier, Sam tends to be pretty easygoing, enjoying the travels of the world and the sights he sees on his missions. He can be quiet and pensive at times, thinking about life, and energetic and outspoken at others when the troubles of hispast are momentarily forgotten. Sam has no particular ethical or moral drive, carefully weighing economic and personal factors in all things. He cares for others he knows, but unless there’s a crisis he typically does not engage in hasty decisions that could lose business; such is the life of a Courier.

Sam has a certain fondness for the arts that stems from a life of traveling, learning from sailors singing, travelers with hobbies, and performers in caravans. Through the years he’s learned to sing, learned to paint, learned to survive, dance and, most of all, learned how to charm people. Being a Courier was only half the process, he’s met hundreds of associates, clients, hagglers, tradesmen trying to get their way; but most of all it was meeting the travelers. Travelers with hopes, with dreams, destinations, desires, wants, passions. Sam has spent his life listening to them speak, beg, get angry, be romantic, and simply be themselves. Words are their own language to him, hidden beneath the common speak.



One of dozens of Cobble children, standing out from the rest was a necessity growing up giving him common ground with Therrin in terms of their showmanship. Zaus felt a need to leave home in part because there wasn’t a lot of room for growth in town; especially after defeating Arden in a game of strategy and wit. He could have been a rancher, entrepreneur, or something safe but those don’t speak to his adventurous spirit. The opportunity to become a mage at the Order through Arden was inspiring and lucrative, he could manage to take care of and elevate his entire family if he became a success through the Order. That reasoning was enough to convince his mother, particularly after she came to know the people Zaus proposed traveling with. Though deep down the idea of becoming a freelancer like they were feels even more lucrative and exciting a life to live in his mind. Bata reminds him of his mother though perhaps a dose purer but a good source of advice even so.

Recently he started to experience periods of extended sleep where magic seeps from his body as if he were a natural fountain in the world and has begun to harness this ability with the assistance of Arden and Sam, trusting in them to steer him right.

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