BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | October 29 - November 1, 2020


The Podcast Campaign

A sergal, a bear, and a magical puppo stumble into each other at a bar. Therrin Perch is "missing" from her home but has no intentions of going back, wanting a life of adventure and excitement away from her strict family business. Bata Amica comes from a secluded land and seeks to learn more about the world beyond his homeland. Arden Renshaw is a student from the Order on a quest to rediscover lost scriptures regarding the spires that cover the land. They stick together out of ineptitude, necessity and endearment, but such a troublesome friendship is likely to not last, right? Follow the adventures of Therrin, Bata, and Mr. Renshaw on their tabletop role-playing campaign as they discover the Curse of Coeurasa!


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Join Therrin, Bata, and Mr. Arden Renshaw as they solve the . . . they're just . . . eating? Um . . . Our adventurers regretfully band together after a few too many drinks. There is bread, love at first sight, some tents, death threats and a weasel who owns an inn that is not an inn?

Mr. Arden Renshaw's diary entry.

Our rat friend Kassie leads the adventurers to Mama Noms. There they wash dishes, tell bedtime stories, have a singing lesson and fight over a bed?

Mr. Renshaw and Bata spend some quality time together in a bath. Therrin sneaks around cause she's hungry and they all make some new friends?

Our adventures find themselves playing a game of hide and seek, learning manners at the breakfast table, and making pinky promises. The Herdlord enters the scene, Arden pukes, there's rustling in the tall grass, and our heroes break the festive fourth wall?

It rains on our adventurer's parade, Therrin pitches a tent, Bata loses his Honeymead Bread, Arden gets mistaken for someone else, the last silkie is found and a new great friend has many legs.

Mr. Renshaw, Bata and Therrin head back to Mama Nom's and for some mysterious reason get sick along the way, Therrin makes a "killer" deal and they do a roll-call before leaving the kids home alone. . .

The gang goes out to search for Mama Noms and end up finding a Monkey Bro along with her, they lose a kite, Arden plays games with the kids and Dr. Therrin MD is on the case!

Arden shares a room with Sam. Bata learns to be a stay-at-home dad and gets some love advice from Mama Noms. Therrin does an anime thing, a speech, goes out to find a friend, and acquires some poison?

Bata serves up his meal, Therrin eats Mama Nom’s Plate, Zaus has a dagger and teases Arden, and Sam’s apparently a courier without a map but don’t worry, he knows the way.

The gang arrive at Burnwurth where Sam is entrusted with a special package, Arden has trouble talking to a girl, we go shopping with Therrin and Bata's crush grows.

Mr. Arden Renshaw's diary entry.

The gang buys rations for the journey ahead and Bata gives Arden his clothes back. Therrin buys the "Tunic of a Righteous Warrior", there is a commotion, and no one likes Arden (except maybe Bata).

The gang realizes just how hurt they are and travel all night to get to a cleric? Therrin looks badass as always, Arden is self-conscious about his arm bandages and Sam navigates in his sleep.

The gang wakes up bright eye and bushy tailed after their night with the cleric. They find Therrin playing with daggers, Zaus shows off some new tricks he learned and they meet a skunk named Gordon. Then they set off, ready for adventure!

The Umbra, a nightmarish beast and a legend from Bata's homeland, attacks our gang. Will they be able to get away?

After taking Therrin back to the cleric, Arden and Bata discover that their travel partner is less than desirable to have around.

Our group of adventurers are having trouble getting any rest after their encounter with the Umbra. Therrin decides to teach Zaus some of her ways, Sam shows off his hidden talent, and Arden and Bata go out to get some drinks.

When Therrin tries to help her hungover comrades she stumbles into trouble.

Therrin and Zaus are a mess from their encounter with vagabonds. While Therrin rests, the rest of the gang gets cleaned up and recover themselves from the previous night. Additionally, Zaus casts thunder, Arden makes a glowing goddess, and Bata flexes.

Mr. Arden Renshaw's diary entry.

While traveling, Zaus gets bored and decides to learn new things from everyone around him. Therrin offers some balancing lessons, Sam teaches him how to read, Arden makes Zaus' brain hurt, and Bata avoids some questions.

We come across a traveling merchant with mysterious and magical items, all legally obtained of course! There are spell books of questionable content, weapons of interesting origins, and potions and medallions of questionable prices.

Therrin takes back her talking dagger back from Zaus and tries to have Arden help her understand why it's talking, but they are joined by the Umbra during their investigation.

After Gordon catches up to the gang, they discuss the risk of carrying Therrin's many possessions. Bata warns of the dangers of the Umbra and the Dragon's Tear, Zaus begins to distrust Auntie Therrin, and they all see mysterious figures spying on them. Oh, and Bata and Arden hold hands.

Zaus confides in Bata about his concerns regarding Therrin, angry that she would steal and lie to him and worried about her behavior, Bata eventually realizing that his advice to Zaus is really advice to himself. As they enter Pinicola, the group gets separated from each other and they meet up with a flustered and angry owl-kin, attracting the attention of some guards.

Theodore leads the gang to a parking structure where he changes his tune upon realizing that he was antagonizing his future coworkers, he offers some healing before vanishing into a cloud of smoke. Therrin manages to get rid of her dagger Cheddar and proceeds to watch over Zaus. Sam cleans up his wagon and Mr. Renshaw examines Bata's war hammer, but for some reason, some tension brews between the two of them.

The gang meets up with Meunice, an enthusiastic fox-kin mage who is looking to make money. Bata and Sam stay behind to watch over Zaus and Gordon. Gordon was worse off than they all knew and ends up needing medical attention, but with no cleric in the near vicinity, Sam finds the next best thing. Zaus displays some of his magical capabilities and Sam's wagon gains yet another hole.

Before leaving Pinicola, Bata retrieves Therrin's dagger back from Theodore. Bata uses the dagger to leave a message for Madame Perch, asking her to forgive and be kind to Therrin. On the road, Arden decides to gaze into Bata's whisperstone and as his interest is peaked he turns his attention to the Dragon's Tear. The Tear proves to have a stronger effect and be too much for Arden, and he realizes that there is more to the Dragon's Tears than what he has been thought by the Order.

Heiress Therrin Perch manages to catch the attention of a stumbling captain and she christens the boat they are using to embark on their journey up the swamp. Theodore practices his dentistry on Arden and our adventurers learn more about their employer, Meunice.

Bata watches over Zaus as Theodore heals him. Arden splits from Sam without saying anything, so Sam goes to find his sleeping room. The captain sings ...a tune and Arden catches up with Bata and tries to give him an anxiety attack. Therrin meets up with her sister Abigail and much blood is shed.

Sitting down with Abigail Perch, Therrin learns about the consequences of her actions and makes a life decision.

Arden's crying, Therrin's crying, Sam is nervous and uncomfortable, and Bata doesn't know how to take all this in. Among their turmoil, they meet a crooning hyena named Jade, who is peculiarly familiar with Bata's home.

We wake up to the dinner bell being rung. Zaus is awake and he had some vivid and strange dreams while he was out. During dinner, Arden's studies are interrupted by some skittering foes and Sam goes for a swim.

The majority of the crew is dragged overboard and become the feast for the water spiders. Arden and Therrin manage to fend off some attackers, Zaus comes into his own, but Sam and Bata are having a harder time managing the situation.

Zaus saves Sam and brings him back onto the boat and to get him stabilized with the help of Therrin and Arden. Arden then realizes that they are missing one more person from their gang. After fishing Bata out of the water, they regroup downstairs and it is brought to their attention that the boat is badly damaged.

Mr. Renshaw fixes the wheel of the Perchello. Bata gets his stitches removed and Arden wonders about his future. Therrin impresses the first mate with her acrobatic skills while she gets food for Sam and Zaus. The gang's all alright.

The Perchello arrives at dock and Meunice is excited to get going. Meunice provides Arden with a spell scroll and proceeds to clean Bata's lungs and other places. Sam and Zaus get sent through the wash station as well, Meunice needing his cohorts to be in a presentable state. Therrin misplaces her newly earned gold, Sam misplaces his bedroll, and Franklin is very depressed.

Meunice lets the gang loose in a shopping strip...they might spend all of his money in the first shop.

The gang continues their shopping at Meunice's expense. Sam finds a plethora of bowties, Bata and Arden are having difficulty picking clothes, and Therrin gets a knife.

Sam's looking good and attracts the eye of a local. While eating, Therrin gets a little drunk and Zaus tries to sneak a drink. The gang makes their way toward the Gomphus 'Festival of Becoming', Therrin becomes shiny, Sam becomes tingly and Bata becomes nervous.

Meunice's package is delivered to the Fungoids and he parts ways from the gang. Therrin goes back to hiding as the illusion spell on her wears off, but an attentive pursuer manages to find her. Bata gets distracted shopping but manages to find potions to ease Sam's worry.

Bata gives Arden a gift, Therrin zones out and the gang tries to figure out directions towards the Dragon's Tooth. They mingle with the locals who are deep in their festivities and Bata has a strange dream about a talking walking bag of money.

Zaus practices his ABCs, Bata makes their Bugalus and Therrin jealous, and Sam has an admirer he must confront. They meet their new captain, Erickson, a face Bata and Sam are both familiar with, and the gang heads off into the swamp.

During their travels down the swamp, they get attacked by a monstrously sized waterspider and lose a person to the creature. What is left of the gang continues to the Dragon's Tooth where they meet some acquaintances and come to the realization that time is running out.

The gang enters the Dragon's Tooth, suffering from the mental labyrinth the shrine presents. As they continue forth, they are met with several challenges.

The gang meet the Guardian of the Dragon Tooth to face their final test.

Upon exiting the Dragon's Tooth, the gang finds that everyone that was outside is now gone and Headmaster Okuma is waiting there for Arden.

The gang tries to gain their footing inside the Umbra, the beast of many mouths and eyes taking them away from the Dragon's Tooth. Beaten, confused, and some even unconscious, they try to strike a deal with the Umbra.

The gang traverses through the swamp and end up camping in it for the night. Their tired state brings to light some heated tempers of problems that have been building up.

Bata wakes up from a nightmare only to find it following him to the waking world. Zaus practices his knife throwing skills much to Therrin's approval, Sam practices his artistry and Bata makes some cakes to pass the time while Arden is catching up on his spells. Our gang begins to make their way back to Pinicola excited for where their adventure will take them.


Game Master

Played By: Yima Quin

Race: All-Knowing

Class: See Above

Arden Renshaw

Played By: Caiden

Voiced by: Hawk Feather

Race: Puppo

Class: Wizard

My name is Arden. `Arden Renshaw, Fifth Scribe and Apprentice Abjurer to The Holy Empire of The Crystal Fang's Order of Arcane Sages`

Arden Renshaw is short and thin white dog, no more than five feet tall and 140 pounds with a single black dot on his left cheek. His head is covered by a wide cloak hood the drapes over his floppy ears and large round glasses. Seen from underneath those glasses are a pair wide, deep blue eyes that constantly scan and analyze the world around him.

He wears a deep red cloak with a small cloak pin of a small scroll, that hides a seemingly new and slightly oversized deep navy waistcoat with brass buttons, held at the waist with a belt that holds a similarly new looking mace, potions, and a very worn and dog eared book on a chain with a rusty clasp holding it shut. His small paws are adorned with linen wrist wraps tap upon the book at his side as he thinks and strategizes his moves, and quickly flips the clasp open and draws the book when he needs to take notes or study his craft.

Beneath his coat, is a close fitting linen tunic, matched by a pair of spotless deep navy breeches and riding boots seeing their first trot through the mud of the world.

Arden is a young prodigy, far too brilliant for his age. He rarely has had few to connect with other than his peers from the order, and has left him detached from the world around him, and more so the people that inhabit it. He often sees most people for their shortcomings, failures, and poor behaviour. This constant scrutiny of those around him has given him a good mind for research and strategy, which he finds to occcasionally be very hard to turn off.

Despite the early onset frown lines beneath his fur, he is still fiercely loyal to those he holds dear, or would plan to if he ever bonded with anyone. He is very driven to do the right thing at all times, even if it grits against his patience like so many things in the world do.

Therrin Perch

Played By: Teri

Voiced by: Djarums

Race: Eastern Sergal

Class: Swashbuckler

Therrin is a grey sergal with white chest fluff. She stands roughly 5 feet 6 inches and is clad in flashy leather garments for ease of movement Her particular outfit looks to be better quality than most adventurers usually wear. Aside from the leather, the sergal dons a loosefitting shirt of the finest silk to keep some of her movements hidden from her would be opponents. Tucked into her shirt is a necklace with a signet ring that she keeps hidden most of the time. At her side is her rapier which she’s named Stilton and sits in her modest scabbard when not in action. It’s hilt is ornate and elaborate to the point that it inherently has a story all its own. Overall her attire looks functional, but most importantly, it looks amazing.

Therrin loves adventure and looking cool while doing it. This swashbuckling lass will be the first to jump at any occasion to deal the final blow in any battle. While in action, this sergal is a force to be reckoned with, but all other times she is reserved and has something to hide and always wants to keep moving. You can depend on her in any battle, but not so much for conversation. She will be the first to accept any challenge or job with the hopes it will lead to her next amazing feat.

Bata Amica

Played By: Connor

Voiced by: Dabbles

Race: Bear

Class: Barbarian

My name is Bata Amica. Bata is a towering Bear Barbarian, he’s strong built and covered in lush white fur. His attire is mostly armor made from large shells of stag beetles. Namely a pauldron over his right shoulder and vambraces over his forearms, both held in place by large dark belts and shell buckles. Below that he wears rough leather garments that have seen some wear, the edges of which are fringed with dark fur. While his chest is bare, a large garment wraps around his midsection, followed by a long loincloth and kilt. A large cloak covers his back, featuring a large but simple burnt in symbol that some whisper is from the lands beyond À Mond.

He rests a large war hammer at his side, one end of the mace was blunt while the other had a chiseled end. A weapon suited for fighting beasts. On his left was a wooden shield, a bit small and unfitting, probably a temporary replacement for a shield he had lost.

His physical appearance is betrayed by his behavior, he’s singing a tune to himself and sporting a friendly smile. He may fumble with his manners and might miss social queues from people, but he’s good hearted, curious, chivalrous, and tends to help others almost to a fault. You can rely on him to assist you in any way.

Samuel M. Horstrom

Played By: Damek Critou

Race: Monkey

Class: Bard

Samuel M. Horstrom, or Sam, is a white-throated capuchin monkey standing at approximately five foot eight inches. Most of his body is colored an earthy brown, but it fades to white upon his chest and shoulders, spilling slightly down his arms, and wrapping around his face to his forehead. His hair is brown, long, and wavy. His face features a light tan color and his eyes are a dark but intense brown in their own. He wears traveler’s garb, well weathered and worn from use. Simple but sturdy brown leather boots and rough tan cloth pants sit under a tight, well-made but aged light blue cloth shirt, topped by a leather traveling jacket.

Samuel is a Courier, first and foremost, and as such displays a high standard of accountability when it comes to protecting a package or ensuring delivery of a customer’s assets. Unless something jeopardizes his mission as a Courier, Sam tends to be pretty easygoing, enjoying the travels of the world and the sights he sees on his missions. He can be quiet and pensive at times, thinking about life, and energetic and outspoken at others when the troubles of hispast are momentarily forgotten. Sam has no particular ethical or moral drive, carefully weighing economic and personal factors in all things. He cares for others he knows, but unless there’s a crisis he typically does not engage in hasty decisions that could lose business; such is the life of a Courier.

Sam has a certain fondness for the arts that stems from a life of traveling, learning from sailors singing, travelers with hobbies, and performers in caravans. Through the years he’s learned to sing, learned to paint, learned to survive, dance and, most of all, learned how to charm people. Being a Courier was only half the process, he’s met hundreds of associates, clients, hagglers, tradesmen trying to get their way; but most of all it was meeting the travelers. Travelers with hopes, with dreams, destinations, desires, wants, passions. Sam has spent his life listening to them speak, beg, get angry, be romantic, and simply be themselves. Words are their own language to him, hidden beneath the common speak.


Played By: Yima Quin

Race: Rat

Class: Troublemaker

One of dozens of Cobble children, standing out from the rest was a necessity growing up giving him common ground with Therrin in terms of their showmanship. Zaus felt a need to leave home in part because there wasn’t a lot of room for growth in town; especially after defeating Arden in a game of strategy and wit. He could have been a rancher, entrepreneur, or something safe but those don’t speak to his adventurous spirit. The opportunity to become a mage at the Order through Arden was inspiring and lucrative, he could manage to take care of and elevate his entire family if he became a success through the Order. That reasoning was enough to convince his mother, particularly after she came to know the people Zaus proposed traveling with . Though deep down the idea of becoming a freelancer like they were feels even more lucrative and exciting a life to live in his mind. Bata reminds him of his mother though perhaps a dose purer but a good source of advice even so.

Recently he started to experience periods of extended sleep where magic seeps from his body as if he were a natural fountain in the world and has begun to harness this ability with the assistance of Arden and Sam, trusting in them to steer him right.

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