BLFC: Neo Reno

Reno, NV | April 30 - May 3, 2020


Special Events


The Panel Rooms will be located in the Mezzanine, on the third floor of the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

Map detailing Mezzanine rooms of Floor 3


Panel Name Host Description
"Dealing with a Dragon"Tanuki-sanThis will be an actual Pathfinder adventure where a 6-12 players will play a furry themed adventure with their Furry characters. Recommend attending the Furry Pathfinder panel on Thursday if you want a custom build.
"Making A Musical Tail" DocumentaryAsh, Fox Amoore, Pepper CoyoteJoin filmmaker Eric "Ash" Risher as he shares his latest film about the furry fandom. Shot entirely at BLFC 2018, this short film will take you behind the scenes with musicians Fox Amoore, Pepper Coyote, (and many other talented individuals) in the hours leading up to the premiere performance of a brand-new musical about furries. Stick around after the film for a Q&A with the filmmaker and members of the film.
"There is not enough sex in funny animal comics" **18+ Only**Tanuki-sanThis is a retrospective of the the 1977 comic created by artist/author Reed Waller and the resulting effects that helped birth of Furry genre. Originally presented by Reed as GOH at Migration 2015, but given permission to re-show for BLFC as a bit of Furry Lore everyone should know.
18+ Live Figure Drawing (Advance) **18+ Only**Not as much hand holding here as with the Introduction. This panel emphasizes the importance of figure drawing in creating art. Professional Live Nude Models will be brought in for timed drawing sessions. ID’s must be provided at the door.
2019 BLFC Charity Poker TournamentTabbicusCome play in the annual BLFC charity poker tournament! Texas Hold’Em is the game. Come show off your poker prowess; players of all skill levels are welcome. Prizes will be memberships for next year, and a fabulous custom BLFC chip set! Buy in is $20 with $10 rebuys through the first hour.
3D CG Production Live Demo and AMAShunakaHave you wondered how to create characters using CG programs such as Blender? 3D artist Shunaka will be working on a character model Live with running commentary and will answer questions about anything CG pipeline related. Beginner and experienced CG artists welcome.
A Discussion About OriginsNipplesI hope to wrangle up a few of you open and interested Furries and discuss our origins, our beginnings, and the things that made us Furries. Whether that be Looney Toons or a pet we maybe talked to a bit too much.
Adult Fursuit Games **18+ Only**CatprowlerEveryone is invite to come watch or even participate if you have a suit. These are the games and antics surpass the PG rating so adults ONLY. Please remember that there will be no pictures or video allowed.
Adventures in Singing - A Performance WorkshopQueenie DeerhartWant to improve your singing? Have a ditty you’d like to perform? Come along to try your hand at singing in front of an audience, and get tips and tricks to help you improve your confidence, breathing, and musicality! Bring along a piece you’d like to workshop or get tips on and we’ll get as many people singing as possible.
American Sign Language for FurriesWakewolfWant to learn ASL? You can come to learn and have fun. We will have games!
Ask Us Anything Parents OnlyMoms of FurriesCome and talk to other fandom parents! No question too awkward!
Avian Anatomy (Adult) **18+ Only**AetusA fun and detailed discussion of avian reproduction and application to anthro and feral furry characters. In other words, "Bird Bits 101" or "Getting to Know Your Cloaca."
Avian Anatomy (PG-13)AetusLearn about how birds are put together and how this can be applied to furry character creation. Format is a PowerPoint presentation led by an avian medicine expert with a question and answer section at the end. Some dissection imagery and biology discussion included, hence PG-13 rating.
Avian TransformationAetusAn informal, guided discussion of what it might be like to turn into a bird hosted by an avian medicine expert & furry author. Bring your questions, your ideas, and your favorite beverage for a lively chat about being a bird.
Bat Meet & Scree-tDrek & BoxyCome meet your fuzzy sky winged buddies, hear a bit more about bats inside and outside the fandom(short presentation by Drek), and get a chance to discuss your inner bat. Handwings, backwings, no wings, fursuit or not, all are welcome. It’ll be a Chiropteriffic time
BLFC Car ShowAwooCruMeet and greet of furry car enthusiasts.
Blue Wolf Studios: Seasons ScreeningBlue Wolf StudiosScreening of the animated short film "Seasons," and a sneak peak of future animations
Boxing Furry WorkoutDempseyBasic boxing technique and workouts that can be done by anyone, anywhere.
Breakdancing/Battling101Bboy FlitchWant to start up breakdancing? This panel is perfect for you! Bboy Flitch will go over the basics on how to do toprocks, footwork, freezes, and other movements utilized in breakdancing/battling. This will include making Bboy sets, learning how to battle, and understanding the art of Bboying. (Wear loose clothing!)
Brew Your Own Energy Potion! (a.k.a. Coffee)LatteMagic tapped out? Going into battle and need your strongest potions? Take heed, travelers! Latte will go over the basics of brewing better pour-over coffee at home, using a variety of techniques and gadgets.
Build a D&D Adventure to Play Tonight!PropsDungeon Master Props talks adventure design and builds a dungeon for you and your friends to run together at the con! For new or experienced players!
Building a Better Furry CharacterTanuki-sanUsing a character sheet as reference, we will take a tongue in check look at what things a person can do to run an "optimized" character ready to deal with the challenges of the adventure of modern life.
Burning Man 101NitramWhat is Burning Man? Where does it take place, what happens there, how can I go? Come listen to the stories of a first-timer and learn about this amazing event.
Cards Against Humanity **18+ Only**XCome and play the infamous card game with people as awful as you are, complete with custom furry-themed cards!
Casino Gaming 101KijaniEager to try the Grand Sierra Resort’s casino games but don’t know where to begin? Not to worry! Kijani, a casino dealer with nine years of experience, will teach you the basics of blackjack, roulette and craps (and other games as time permits) as well as casino etiquette and strategy to give you the best chance of taking down the house!
Charity Blackjack TournamentKijaniTry your luck and help raise money for charity at the 6th annual BLFC Charity Blackjack Tournament! Entry is $15 with an optional $5 add-on for $1000 in extra chips in the first round. All proceeds go to benefit the Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary. The entire Final Table wins prizes, with the champion receiving their choice of a complimentary Patron Membership or the coveted BLFC Poker Chip set! Please arrive near the beginning of the registration period as this event may fill up!
Chatter Fox: Take TwoFrost FennecCome hang out and get interviewed by an adorable blue fennec or ask him questions Q&A Style, in this on-site recording of a YouTube series special.
Chronicles of a MascotSpike PappSo what is it really like to perform in a giant animal costume as a job? One such individual has endured the trials of hot summers and rowdy fans and is here to share some stories. (T-shirts and baseballs not included).
Circus animalsLinzerTeaching juggling skills
Class of FURmanity **18+ Only**Avvi and AlphaCard game/ charity drive with audience participation
Coeurasa Classic Bowling TournamentKijaniWind down the con with some pin-smashing fun at the 5th annual BLFC Bowling Tournament, held at Grand Sierra Lanes! All entrants will bowl 2 games of qualifying and then we will cut to the top 8 for an exciting, head-to-head bracket match play finals! The top 4 bowlers will win prize money and complimentary memberships to BLFC 2020, with the winner getting a Patron membership & beautiful trophy! Fursuiters are welcome, and receive +30 bonus pins per game. Entry is $6, with optional High Game Pot/Qualifying Round brackets ($2 each)
Conquering Social AnxietyPro Husky & Bandaid RooSocial Anxiety is a crippling disorder that affects many, especially in this fandom. Come learn some techniques to overcome it. I promise, this won’t hurt. You’ll be okay <3
Coping With AnxietyHarperA majority of Furries and people of the world have anxiety, this panel is here to give you tips and tricks and information of how to deal with this. Come share your advice and stories too, we are here to listen and learn.
Cribbage TournamentKonaA cribbage tournament
Customer Service War StoriesSkye WildeHave you ever worked in any type of customer service? It sucks, it really really sucks. So let’s whine about it together and laugh away the pain.
DEFCON FursNotPike & TanuskiWe are the Geeks, Freaks, and Hackers of the Furry verity. Come join us for fun and adventure as we all take on the Gibson and bumble our way threw our hobby of "Hacking".
Demogorgons Against Humanity **18+ Only**Dec FairlightIt’s time to find the worst person at BLFC again! That’s right, weirdo, come play Cards Against Humanity with a bunch of other furry weirdos! Admission is free and anyone can enter. We have several custom printed furry expansions for your everlasting delight as well as the entirety of Crabs Adjust Humidity. The winner gets a magical mystery prize as well as the title of the worst person at BLFC 2019 and their card in our huge custom deck!
DIY 101: Self-Publishing for BeginnersNorman RaffertySo you want to make a thing? Let us talk you through it! We’ll show how to make a plan, to set a budget, to promote and to crowd-fund, and then to follow-through. Games, books, comics, what have you — we’ve done it all and we’ll show you how it’s done. Make your dream come alive!
DJing w/Robbie and FriendsRobbie, Jay Feroux, etc.In this panel we’ll be discussing the in’s and out’s of DJing, what it takes to get started, and how to eventually get to perform at parties, cons, clubs, etc. We will start with the basics, and work up to some more advanced techniques.
DO THE THING! Public. Suiting Event Running SocialAlbejorn, Kloudz, and Blue HasiaAre you someone that coordinates activities that everyone talks about? Are you someone that sees those cool events that get tweeted everywhere, and wish YOUR city had public suiting opportunities? Well, change starts with YOU! We’ll chat about our experiences, and mingle to share tips and tricks. Come on down!
Documenting "The Fandom"Ash & Ash CoyoteAsh & Ash are a pair award-winning documentary filmmakers, and long-time furries. Bringing their talents together, they have produced "The Fandom", an in-depth look at the furry community as told though a series of short films on YouTube. Meet the filmmakers and see a sample of their work as they describe their approach to putting the furry fandom on camera.
Doodle Party 2Harasanzo, Peek, Korra, and HaileyWanna draw? We will be providing a space for everybody of any skill level to come, draw, and make friends! Last year was very successful and we can’t wait to have a second doodle party!
Dragons After Dark **18+ Only**DranslinDragons After Dark (D.A.D) is the spiritual successor to the popular Adult Dragon Panel (ADP). Contributors share and talk about their own adult dragon related artworks, media pieces, and games to enthusiastic and like-minded individuals. There are many haunches, hinds, and maybe even maws to be admired in continuing the tradition that begun in 2007.
Drunken Zoology **18+ Only**Dr. WildlifeThe liquored-up narration of zoology fact and fiction, hosted by zoologist Dr. Wildlife. With an ever-changing assortment of special guests, Dr. Wildlife will guide attendees through crazy animal facts that seem too weird to be true as well as answer all those questions you would normally erase from your browser history.
Embracing The FandomMoms of Furries (Carrie & Joelle)Honest talk about our journey into the fandom with our kids and how the community and conventions can be a great experience for kids, families, & everyone.
Feline Meet & GreetVaskaMeet all the cats at BLFC
Final Fantasy XIV MeetupA meet and greet of any furry citizens of Eorzea, Othard, Hingashi, and beyond!
Fire and Steel - An Intro to BlacksmithingKjatarEver wanted to bend steel to your will? To forge a blade in the heart of a dying star? Well... you have to start somewhere.
Full Moon Drum CircleAnjel and TriadCome dance under the full moon with us at BLFC. Saturday just happens to be the May Full Moon, or Strawberry Moon. Bring a drum, an instrument or just come stamp your feet to the collective rhythms and howl at the moon.
Furries That LOVE "In & Out Burger" PanelJoe G. BearA panel that brings like-minded furries who can’t get enough of ‘Double-Doubles’, 4x4’s, ‘Flying Dutchman’ and everything ‘Animal Style’’. If yer from the West (like this big guy), you guessed it. Let’s have some fun and swap our favorite ‘In & Out’ moments together.
Furry Found FootageAgouti-RexCome see the strangest furry found footage of the 80s, 90s, and 00s! We scour thrift stores, garage sales, and dumpsters for the worst VHS and BetaMax relics featuring bad fursuits, weird puppets, bizarre animation, and lost video from 90s era conventions and furmeets.
Furry PathfinderTanuki-sanEver wanted to get your fursona into a Pathfinder game? Or just wanted to add a furry character into a Pathfinder campaign just to add a bit more fun. I’ll go over multiple books and rules for the numerous builds, races, and tricks you can use to get just about any furry character into your next Pathfinder game.
Furry TikTok Meet and GreetA meet and greet for all TikTok users
Furs in Game Development MeetupXAre you a furry that works in video game development? Do you want to meet ones who do? Drop by and talk all things gaming with people who get paid to create them!
Furs of the Night **18+ Only**MofiA neat little get together to meet fellow furs who partake in the naughty side of the fandom where you can observe, meet, and get to know the people behind the screen! Come join us as we all discuss lovely 18+ topics and ways how to grow your own channel.
Fursuit Performance 101DribiCome one, come all! Whether you’re planning to get a fursuit, or already have one come on down and learn about the basics of fursuit performance!
Fursuiting 101Pro Husky & Bandaid RooWhether you’re a new fursuiter or a veteran, join us in learning the ins and outs of fursuiting.
Furtography: Photoshoot & Editing ProcessAlbejornAlbejorn’s relatively new to the RL Furry scene, but has been lugging around a camera for over 30 years. Come catch a mini photoshoot, as he talks through his process of capturing the perfect pose and subsequent photo processing. You can check in on his most recent work here:
Fuzzy Logic --- Fursuits and ElectronicsGRNdragon - aka - SparkyA panel discussing the adding of technology to fursuits, bring your questions, ideas, and projects for show and tell. We will go over how to safely power your tech in a fur suit. How the keep cool with a fan, adding LEDs, EL wire, re-purposing electronics from toys for effects, and the advanced electronics of digital eyes and addressable LEDs.
Gamer’s Guide to Dungeon Crawlers - Bonus DLC EditionPommyHave you ever played a "Dungeon Crawler"? Curious on how to find one you’ll like? With the growing popularity of localized games from Japan, DCs are becoming more prevalent than ever. Take a crash course with Pommy (voice actor & self- professed DC enthusiast) as he takes you through several notable examples & discusses their unique mechanics. Maybe you’ll discover one that’s right up your dungeon alley! *In this BONUS DLC expansion, new games have been added to the lineup, with additional details added to many of the previously-existing entries!
Gender Performance for Fursuiters (and others!)Queenie Deerhart (and friends)Want to portray a character that has a different gender identity to your own? Fancy playing with gender roles, or just want to be seen by everyone else as the gender you feel? Come along and learn how body language, speech patterns and mannerisms can really help you give your character a clearly defined identity!
HoofursHoofursGot hooves? Like hooves? Come to where the grass is greener! Round table discussion to meet other Hoof-Furs and discuss hooved animal fursonas & fursuits. Fursuits encouraged but not required. Fursuit group photos will be taken.
How Do You Make Those Enamel Pins?aainsleyyTake a crash course of how to make enamel pins. Learn about everything from how to turn your sketch to a design, industry terms, and how to get your pins manufactured!
How I Learned To Be A Better D&D PlayerDraggor, Alkali, FaelanCome have a discussion with Draggor, a one time shy, awkward D&D player, on how you can make any role playing game more fun for yourself and others! He’s played since he was in middleschool, and for the past 5 years has been helping run a D&D Tournament at Gen Con every year. Also featuring experienced players, GMs, and friends Alkali and Faelan!
How to be a Pro-fur-ssional!PommyFor those of us in the furry fandom, being a furry can range anywhere from a hobby, to a passion, to even a way of life. But many of us also live a "Second Life" as professionals in our fields and careers, and the two don’t always mix seamlessly. How can you showcase your love and support of the fandom in organic and meaningful ways, and when is it better to "keep the animal inside"? Join Pommy (a working professional voiceover artist) for an educational seminar filled with lessons and anecdotes!
How to be a Tabletop GMShadeLevel up your GMing! Design and play a short adventure! Learn fundamental concepts that will let you become not just a GM, but one that your players will talk about years later. System agnostic. No experience necessary. Also useful for experienced GMs.
How to Fursuit with a Physical DisabilityZhoIf you have a physical disability, you may be worried about being able to Fursuit. This panel will try to give you tips and insights which make suiting enjoyable and worry free. Intended for both suiters and handlers.
How to Paint Fantasy MiniaturesStolzStep by step painting of fantasy miniatures, learn to paint like a pro in no time!
How to Talk to your Commission Artist/ClientsLindseyViGiving tips for both commission artists and clients alike on how to communicate with each other for a pleasant business experience. Also tips for people who want to become commission artists how to start.
Human Puppy 101+Mixer & Mosh **18+ Only**Tanuski (Steve)Belly rubs, treats and squeaky toys; it’s great to be a human puppy! Do you identify closely with real puppies, kitties, dogs and cats? Come hear about, meet, and play with some cute pups or pup out yourself with other human puppies on our 2" padded mats! If you have never been to a mosh picture any regular dog park but with human puppies all playing and having fun!
In Remembrance of DogBombPommyN64An hour-long panel dedicated to the life, pursuits, and memory of Tony Barrett (dogbomb1), who recently passed away from ALS after diagnosis in 2018. This panel will serve 2 purposes: first, to educate attendees on the disease, its effects, and its history; and second, to allow attendees the chance to share their memories and stories about Tony as means for everyone to find closure, community, or even simply a chance to share positivity in honoring someone important to the fandom.
Inflatable meet and greetQuietfireInflatable meet and greet. Inflatable toy display.
Intro to PokerTabbicusCome participate in this hands-on crash course in poker! Topics will include basic gameplay, table etiquette, and introductions to several variations on the game.
Introduction to Interactive Fiction & Text GamesAgouti-RexEver wanted to make your own video game but just don’t have the head for programming? With text games, you don’t need to know anything about coding to create a fun, compelling game full of head-scratching puzzles, rich character interaction, and detailed story. We’ll look at some of the fundamentals for creating a good text adventure as well as exploring some of the simple tools that can help you start writing your very own game today.
Introduction to Modern ArnisIridescent MirageLearn to defend yourself with and against weapons, and pick up a few sword fighting tips along the way with live training from a professional martial arts instructor. [SPACE LIMITED: Only 12 participants per session.] Participants are required to sign a liability waiver. Minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian – no exceptions. To reserve a slot or print a waiver to sign before leaving for the convention, go to
Kink Disscussion Panel **18+ Only**Stormy KittyhawkA place to ask questions and discuss various consensual kinks in a safe and non judgmental environment. All experience levels and identities are welcome. This panel will be mainly discussion with light demonstration.
Live Figure Drawing (Introduction)BlindCoyoteLive figure drawing suitable for all ages with professional models. Experience one of the most important parts of learning the art of figure illustration. Learn the basics of figure drawing and then dive in to the nitty-gritty with increasingly longer drawing sessions
Lu’s Little GigLu the Alien DogAn alien is taking over the music stage to yell and shriek for a half an hour or so. According to him, this counts as singing. He then waves his hands over a strange device called a Theremin, I guess this is suppose to be music??? Come join Lu for his small little concert, playing several original songs that he made up.
Macro-Micro Meetup / PhotoshootOven Otter; DoralCome meet up with other attendees of varying scale, big or small! We will also have some props to take photos with as well, so any fursuiters/ photographers that wish to join in are also welcome!
Mascot SmackdownRoman OtterHey fans, it’s game day at BLFC. Are you ready for a high school mascot smackdown?! We’re gonna find out what BLFC’s favorite high school mascot is by the most intense bracket elimination game of your LIVES! Come on down and root on your favorites in this battle for the top mascot!
Mastodon Meet & GreetSovrim TerraquianWant to meet furry Fediverse folks? Join us whether you snout, awoo, meow, or are just curious!
Mastodon/Fediverse Meet- UpShel, Tom (Masklayer), Tom (Slime_ Canine))If you’re on,,,,, or any other Mastodon or other Fediverse instance, come here to meet up with Fediverse friends or make new ones! Hosted by first-wave Mastodon furries: Shel, Tom (Masklayer) and Tom! (Slime_Canine)
Match Game!Ahwn the Virtual FoxCome pit your wits against another oppenent and try and predict the answers a comedy panel will give for fun and prizes.
Meditation 101LumioOften when we think of meditations we think of sitting still and "not think of anything". The truth is there is more to it and there are other non-formal techniques that can help give you a new perspective on your life and your connections with others. In this workshop we will be trying out various techniques which may include walking meditation, mindful eating, loving compassion meditation, and many more. If life is a little overwhelming and you need time for yourself come join us!
Mindfulness and Meditation WorkshopKannikBeing present and mindful is at the heart of nearly every philosophical tradition. This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of mindfulness and philosophical ontology, teach some practices that are useful in diffusing and bringing possibility to everyday situations, and includes a short mindfulness meditation.
Musclefur MeetupFusanoGot a character with lean muscle or a brawny form? Or maybe you’ve built up your body in real life? Come meet and make new friends who admire the muscular form!
Open MicVox FoxOne hour, each act gets four minutes, up to 12 acts can sign up
Out of alignmentTanuki-sanChaotic evil? Lawful good? Does any of this make sense? Many a player has declared alignment dead to RPG’s and good riddance. Is this an antiquated tool of a bygone age or are people trying to use a crowbar like a hammer?
Paws Fur RecoveryThe DukeIn recovery? Want to be? This is an open 12-step meeting that is inclusive for all addictions and lifestyles. All programs and species are welcome and encouraged to share their experience, strength and hope with each other to help each other recover from their addictions.
Pin Trading MeetupMoo Lawgoat, Fursona PinsCome trade pins and other cool merch! With a rise in interest and availability of artist-designed (and usually small-run) enamel pins, stickers, patches, wristbands, and all sorts of other neat stuff, we want to help attendees come together to grow and diversify their collections! Join us for trading - bring your merch (or merch that you’ve purchased!) and we’ll admire, discuss, and swap. Don’t worry if you haven’t traded before, we will show you how.
Plot Hooks: The Key To Better AdventuresKiel LimeraFeeling like you’re tediously leading adventurers by the hand through canned situations? Plot hooks can save the day! Learn how to craft, bait, and embed better plot hooks, and catch yourself some eager participants!
PokefursScy StormA get together for all crazed Pokemon fans to get together and talk about colorful critters. Maybe IVs or something too.
Pokemon Go Meet & Greet, Trade, and PvPRykaMeet your fellow furry Pokemon Trainers, make trades, and battle to see who is the very best like no one ever was!
Pony Play Meet & GreetWolfstangAn opportunity for ponies, trainers, and those interested in pony play to gather together and meet other people in the pony play community.
Q & A, Two old Furry FansMark Merlino, Rod O’RileyMy partner Rod and myself talk about furry history and answer questions.
Sanguine Games 20th Anniversary Q&ANorman RaffertyFrom IRONCLAW to USAGI YOJIMBO and everything in between, Sanguine Games has been publishing furry stuff for twenty years. Come by and ask us questions about our funny stories in the self-publishing, about that wording of the exhaustion rule on page 35, or about anything else that’s happened since 1999.
Santa is 300 Mind FlayersFaelan, DraggorEver wondered whether Santa is a Rogue or Wizard? Perhaps which feats Judy Hopps might pick up? Join some our nerdy D&D panelists to discuss the hypothetical character sheets of fiction and pop culture characters.
Self-Defense 101Iridescent MirageLearn to avoid danger and protect yourself with practical techniques from a professional martial arts instructor. All ages and skill levels welcome in this hands-on experience! Participants are required to sign a liability waiver. Minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian – no exceptions. To print a waiver to sign before leaving for the convention, go to
Seven Card Stud TournamentTabbicusCome join us for the first annual Seven Card Stud tournament. This unique form of poker was the game of choice in the Old West, and we’re bringing it back! Absolutely free to play, and we’ll give an introduction to the game for newcomers!
Silk and Steel: Tai ChiKannikExperience the peace of mind, balance, and strength that comes through the practice of tai chi. Though soft on the outside it possesses a powerful core. No experience necessary, come and learn the basics with us. Fursuits welcome!
Ski meetHunterA meet for people who enjoy skiing and snowboarding
Stepping Stones in DreamingIshawayThis panel focuses on the stages of lucid dreaming and successful practices to reach the goal of the lucid dream.
Storytime with TaebynTaebynI read stories! Not to myself but to other furs!
Taebyn Talks With; A Furry Talk ShowBearly_Normal - Producer INPCome be part of the ‘Studio’ audience for the recording of Taebyn Talks With; A Furry Talkshow. Taebyn and his co host Klovix welcome furry guests and have a great time! After shooting this will air on YouTube and cable access.
The Art of StorytellingKannikThe ability to craft wonderful stories is one of our greatest gifts. Come explore and learn some finer points of storytelling expertise, including delves into the wisdoms of Zootopia, Watership Down, Totoro, and more.
The Cake Exists: Discussion of AsexualityKairinA brief exploration on what asexuality is and isn’t, some symbols, resources and other topics relating to asexuality. After the introduction, there will be a Q&A and meet and greet, so please bring any questions you may have and experiences you would like to share!
The Hook Up Joint **18+ Only**Steven / Carnal_ KnowledgeWelcome to the meet market. Steven / Carnal_Knowledge will make landing your ideal hook up—whether you want to make a friend or find a mentor/play partner—a lot easier. You don’t need to be a pick-up artist; just attend this class and watch your fantasy become reality.
There Are Only 2 Kinds of Dragons (& other furry stereotypes) **18+ Only**Jonathan Vair Duncan / Stigmata & Sasha R. JonesAn update on the popular "Fursonas: Types & Stereotypes" talk. Hear all the new trends two furry veterans observed throughout their interactions and study of big data! Which species mean something different now, and what may your fursona say about you? This fun and fully illustrated talk ends with a Q&A.
Town of Salem (Mafia Game)Ulmar ViceCome one, come all to experience the popular online mafia game before your eyes. Try your skills and use the abilities of a unique townsman, mafia, or neutral member to win the game for your teammates or yourself. Will you die or survive the night or suffer the wrath of all townspeople of being lynched by day? Let’s find out in this Town of Salem! Up to 14 can play.
Trello: Organize Your Life!NicoyaAre you losing track of work you need to do? Do you find that important details are often slipping between the cracks? In this panel we’ll examine the use of Trello for implementing a Kanban Board to manage your tasks! The focus will be on the workflow of a commission artist, but the techniques will be broadly applicable to other situations.
Twitch MeetupUFOtekkie, Kiit LockStream on Twitch? A fan of any streamers? Want to know more about getting into streaming? Want to meet more furry streamers? We have a group of partnered streamers on deck to answer questions! Come say hi!
Unmentionables After Dark **18+ Only**UnmentionablesComedy Improv unfiltered and raw adults only! Some audience participation.
Unmentionables Comedy Improv WorkshopUnmentionablesCome learn how to do improv Comedy or sharpen your skills with the Unmentionables comedy troupe!
Unmentionables ImprovUnmentionablesAll audiences comedy improve with some audience participation.
UwUtube After Dark (18+) **18+ Only**PommyThe Internet. What a terrifying place. In the vast expanse of the World Wide Web, the possibilities for creators to make and share their wildest ideas has grown just as exponentially as the furry fandom has over the years. Join us for an hour of deliciously deviant delights, as we show you a slew of furry-themed videos both funny and freakish (and possibly even frisky). Audience suggestions welcomed!
Vet Techs: Animal Medicine at Home and as a CareerTMCC Veterinary TechniciansAn educational panel about keeping your pet healthy, and exploring animal medicine as a career.
Ving TsunVertigoYou’ve seen it in the movies, but what is it really like to train in Ving Tsun? How and why does it work at all? What even IS it? I’ll go over the basics of this Southern Chinese martial art training system, as well as some of the more advanced/subtle concepts. The goal is to answer questions, to compare with other arts, or to just have some fun with it. No experience necessary!
Vocal Techniques for FursuitersQueenie Deerhart (And her assistants)Want to bring your character to life with a voice of their own? Come along to discover how to add a distinctive character voice to your fursuit, how to be heard, and how to tie it together with your performance!
Wildlife Rehab and CareVaskaInterested in a job in the wildlife care field? Here’s a panel to anewer all your questions.
Ye Olde Transformation Panel **18+ Only**Siffek, SirocoCome one, come all! Whether it’s your first full moon or just your latest cursed artifact, we’ll be discussing the history, topics, genres, and media of transformation. Warning: panel hosts not responsible if you come on two legs, but leave on four!
Yoga with a TailAnjelJoin us for some light beginner yoga while wearing your tail. Anjel is an avid yoga practitioner working towards her yoga teacher certification.

Lounge Area Activities.

One goal of Biggest Little Fur Con is to provide entertaining activities that anyone can do in the main function space. To further this goal, staff is working on putting various "toys" around the con to stave off boredom, get some good laughs, create funny pictures, and create fond memories that attendees can take home with them.
Staff has already finished making the following "toys:"

Staff is working on designing and building more "toys" to give you silly pictures, silly moments, and happy memories.

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